#MercurEASE Sisterhood Circle

The Mercur-Ease’s Sisterhood Circle primary focus is working on the shadow side by removing limiting beliefs and obstacles in your life which show up intensified during the retrograde. Our inner critics (the inner Diva B**** chatter in the head) is heightened during the retrograde period because communication, technology, and energy is misaligned when this planet goes retrograde.

Ladies, you know what I am talking about when that Inner Diva B* starts to rattle off statements in our mind such as, “I am not good enough! What if I fail? What if……?” Think to day 5 of the Mercur-EASE challenge and if this is something you need help with, check out the event page and join your fellow sisters in the circle.

Do not worry sister, I have your Back!!!! I personally coach in a live setting so you receive immediate results. This is not your watch a video and answer some questions course, it is a deep dive with me guiding you every step of the way! Shadow work is not easy but worth it.

I care about your soul’s evolution and in person is the way to be, and I mean in person it is virtual so you can show up in your pj’s. I also know how important it is to journey with other like-minded Goddess sisters to literally create a magical bond that is so priceless. You never ever have to walk alone on your spiritual path. How cool is that?!?

Mercury Retrograde is a time where communication seemingly appears to go backward. This energy focus keeps us STUCK in the muck and blocks your ability to manifest your power. There is a better way!

In this course, I will help you overcome the debilitating effects of this retrograde with ease. You will learn to shift this energy into a powerful outcome for you.

I would like to teach you the secrets of making Mercury Retrograde work for you.

What do you get in this course:

3- Virtual Zoom Room Goddess Circle Calls 90 minutes each Thursday July 26th start day

3- Weekly prompts to further set yourself up for success so you can bust through fear blocks

Education about New Moon Manifesting and Surrender/Release rituals for the Full Moon


Bonuses: Grand Finale Celebration 90 min jam session on zoom

Guided meditations to help you navigate this RX with Ease

Manifest Your Dream Life Portfolio E-Book

New Moon Abundance Tool Kit

Value well over $777 But I truly believe in You so if you are thinking where do I sign up? Scroll down and pick which option works best for you.

Excited to have you is the Sister Circle

Love Energy Goddess Maureen