MercurEASE Detox Challenge Sign Up

Click here to join other Goddesses playing in the first ever Mercur-EASE Detox Challenge Here

How is the pre shadow Mercury RX, eclipse season and 5 other planets in RX treating your soul care & manifesting game?

Can we just say the energy is intense!! I want to know, how are you REALLY feeling? I would love to know if you push reply. Plus, I know you like to play in challenges so I thought this might interest you.

Some cool things to share with you and help you prep for these planetary shifts and bring on more abundance, peace and tranquility. I know we all have been feeling this vibrational shift, I promise you are not alone! I feel it too, however I just know how to navigate this time with EASE aka MERCUR-EASE tagline lol. Perks of teaching this for so long 😉

But on the real, if you have been feeling restless, agitated, irritable, not sure how to communicate, funky, tired, lethargic, insomnia, heightened sensitivities to energy etc then my friend join the Mercur-Ease Detox Challenge to charge up and reALIGN your soul and kickstart your manifesting game. One thing I know like I know is that we all want to manifest EPIC things in our life but looking at the fears, the darker side and shadow work, truly does set our manifesting game FREE.

I look forward to playing full out with you GODDESS!!

Love Energy Goddess Maureen