Goddess Energy Temple

Hey Hey, Hey Goddess, I know you have a deep desire to AWAKEN THE PHOENIX WITHIN!

Next Temple OPENS on the Fall Equinox 2018! Grab your free energy activation meditation to be the first to know when the doors officially open again 😉

As you know we all can get funky and fall off course from time to time and this human experience can throw us some curveballs. Treat yourself to a group energy clearing/healing/activation experience.

If you want to feel restored, invigorated, balanced, harmonized and prosperous, I encourage you to join your sisters in the Goddess Energy Temple where you will meet/gather around the fire with other like-minded souls to release/activate energy within a powerful energy vortex, hosted by Energy Goddess Maureen. Below is the course information.

GODDESS ENERGY TEMPLE FALL COURSE STARTS SEPTEMBER 2017. Only 15 Goddesses per Temple so Hop on in, space is limited. Next Temple opens FALL 2018: Fall Equinox launch date

Group Collective consciousness is Divine Feminine Warrior Powerful. Join our Free community of bad ass unicorns called soul tribe to meet your new spiritual online family 😉 We love!