Free Resources to support Your Goddess Journey

Whazzup Goddess! I know some of you might be exploring this spiritual realm for the first time or remembering things that might be a little uncomfy at first.  You might be questioning God/religion versus your own personal spiritual beliefs/values, you might not feel supported at all by family, friends, partners and relationships. For realz, you start to think that you are a legit alien, but identify as a unicorn. What is going on?

I feel you and we found each other for a reason 😉 I created this resource guide because I felt like this too and I never want anyone to walk alone without free guidance to empower yourself. Here is your one stop resource center for beginners and just like a wine list this goes from basic to very spiritually awakened souls for easy access to explore your own journey 🙂

You will love these resources if you are experiencing things such as this (newly awakened): seeing ghosts/talking to the other side/intuition on fleek/spiritual tools you do not know/restless sleeping/heat in your hands/remembering things you never learned/increased or very low energy/buzzing in your ears/a strong voice within that is not ego/seeing numbers repeat daily/getting signs from nature or animals/ an urge to change and have more alone time, everything is changing in your life~diet, exersize, health, weight, relationships, confidence, but here you are desperately tryin to find your teacher.

Or you are the AWAKENED GODDESS and have just experience a huge effn soul shift that rocked every inch of your cellular being in every area of your mind, body, spirit, energy realm and soul. Like so crazy that you do not even know how to talk about it yet, but ya feel it. Add more confusion to the awakened ego because many healers/teachers either are in it now or not talking about it, some call it 5th dimension ascension, others call it ascension, awakening to a deeper level yada yada but ya know what not only are the teachers boring AF who do teach this, but there is no true explanation to what is happening.

My solution: Be unapologetic and vulnerable with my spiritual journey and awaken the masses with a new alchemy of teaching and supporting one another.

Let your own spiritual flag FLY HIGH! No one will ever be you on your spiritual journey, no one knows your pain or journey, so it is time to change this paradigm and BE the person we see in the mirror and dream about. Use this pain and make it your purpose to shift within and then shift the planet. That is living the dharma of your soul.

My honest opinion about all this: FUCK labels its all BS ego shit in my opinion, plain and simple your soul is shifting and that is it. So let’s take our power back!

At the end of the day, you feel alone,  and no one gets ya because honestly many are not open like myself or bat shit passionate to share freely, so us unicorn’s get lost in the mix walking alone in a sparkly pasture and dreaming of the day to follow our own glitter trail. (my fav saying from a client, Lisa W.)

Honestly, the exact same thing that happened to me during my awakening. “When the student is ready the teacher shows up.” Below is a picture to the right is my first rebirth ceremony. A story for another day but, 29 years of sexual trauma was released and the moment I committed to my spiritual practice/teaching/training and of course being a student first. My life became something I could never of have imagined and I want that for you too! Victim to THRIVER mentality, you got this.


I am a third generation healer, empath, intuitive and natural energy healer coming from a strong family lineage, and my super powers is a combo of all of them, its called the enlighteded experience in a spiritual family, but I felt so alone because I had super powers no one could figure out. How does this even happen?

Really, getting bullied, made fun of and ridiculed by my own family because no one understood my gifts. It sucked, in my head, I thought possible being raised in a spiritual family it was all about peace, love, unity, respect, integrity, honestly, authenticity, this seems reasonable and aligned to me. Because, I was not like them I was made fun of and it was not cool at all. We laugh now after healing but it isolated me for a very long time; moral of the story, being raised in an open environment, a rich environment, a crappy environment you can always be outcasted for shining your light. I came fully out of my closets and no longer will I ever feel like this. I want the same for you. Ironic that issue bothers my family now because I am so free and open but again, we do nt talk about this so I said screw you, I am beating to my own damn drum now. Ya feel me?

Deep down in my soul, I knew I was special and had gifts but they made me feel not safe to share them. (see my old DB chatter, no one can make you feel anything, you allow yourself the perception, emotions and understanding of every second of your life. You always have a choice.

Trust me my friend, I walked alone for so long too, spiritual family or not this was my journey! I went on a mission to heal my past and I was hell bent to share this to the masses, once I could heal myself. I am so blessed to be alive and here sharing the ebb and flow of the universal gifts bestowed upon me.

All this tells me is that you found me for a reason because, I help other souls such as yourself, come out of the spiritual closet and now you are coming back home to your soul’s purpose or you are awakening for the first time and possible having a massive soul shift within.

This is super exciting to me and welcome home Goddess. I have cultivated a step by step guide to get ya started or unstuck wherever you are in your soul shift.

Below is the best resources, my most amazing training all free to you because I know you hear this whisper. I heard it years ago too and just wanted a mentor or guide to show me the way but also make it fun. No fear Goddess, you can start your spiritual journey today.

I believe there is plenty to go around and when I started, having strong role models, guides, teachers and mentors like myself helped me to get to where I am at, for this reason I will always give back the way I was trained.

  1. Soul Tribe is my free online community. I may or may not write a blog, seriously emails and blogs are not my jam, I know my strengths and weaknesses. I prefer using social media such as FB as a real platform to interact and engage with my tribe. It is called social media right?!? I will hop on a PM, zoom call or phone chat in a hot min opposed to being a ghost or blasting you with emails that you do not read. I am not gonna rant about that one but if you want to connect, hang out I libe on FB. I pride myself on personal touch with my tribe.
  2. Before ya join here is an example of some things we do weekly: receive exclusive energy reports channeled by me or select astrologers, weekly Angel readings, test your intuition games, spiritual bootcamp skill training games, battle of the funny/inspirational memes day, weekly free coaching thread, Angel reading parties, Sunday meet and great soul chats, fireside guest workshops, FB Live trainings, learn about moon phases/manifesting with the moon, and so much more. If this is your vibe Click here to join in a very engaged spiritual community.
  3. Many people ask me about life coaching, what is it? How do you pick the right coach or school? I partnered with Jenny Fenig, 2016 Stevie Coach of the Year recipient to share the behind the scenes reality of the coaching industry. 2 Master Life Coaches riffing about industry secrets exposed. Check out the video here if you want to be a coach or want to hire a coach. 
  4. How to


3. Do you want to know about crystals? If by chance you do not wear crystals in your bra than this training is for you. Experience a Super Soul Sunday Fireside chat with a guest crystal expert riffing about: what they are? what they do? How to use them, how to buy them. Basically, its the training you wish others would share. Click here to learn more about crystals.