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Master Energy

How much energy do you have in your life? 

Learn how to Master Your Energy and You Master Your Life. 
Right now are you currently feeling stuck and lack the energy to manifest your dreams into reality?
You are just feeling off and not making any forward momentum in your life or business. You need something and have not heard the gentle nudge from the universe, until today. 
If you are nodding your head saying yes and want a solution then let’s have a unicorn partay!! 
I know you are a Bad A$$ Lady Boss that is about to unleash a huge project to the world, uplevel your business, host a retreat, launch a new program or finally finish your book, BUT you lack the energy and drive to accomplish these tasks effectively. 
I got your back soul sister! I am Maureen, Master Energy Healer and Coach, and I would like to help you ignite the fire within your soul again.
 This one-of-a-kind energy assessment you will discover how to:
  • Remove the blinders that block you from true success
  • Act, speak and think with increased confidence from a place of your own personal power, instead of looking for permission from others to make decisions
  • Feel and experience a new awareness of your unique energetic DNA – which will allow you to take advantage of and create new possibilities in your personal and professional life
  • Tap into your energetic, peak performance zone of genious
Let me tell you a little more about the science behind this process:
Through my one-of-a-kind energy assessment, you can quickly discover the empirical evidence of your unique energy DNA! Just like we have a natal birth chart when we were born, we also have a energetic imprint. 
True talk time, the more time and energy you waste trying to get unstuck well to be blunt you are leaving money on the table. I do not want this to happen to you. You are unique and have a super Goddess Power that only YOU can do and the world needs to see you shining your light. It is time to take it to the next level. 
Other coaching methods and programs only scratch the surface. The results of this assessment will teach you to apply your own blend of energy directly into your world and light the fire of abundance within you!

“Maureen Saladino is my #1 go-to for everything soul-driven – whether it be an energetic boost I need, or getting a spiritual nod to my next big goal, her coaching is always on-point and accurate.  She knows how to get the best out of clients because she uses both a practical yet highly intuitive approach to her assessments.  I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to take their life and business to the next level.” Jennifer Kem

You know energy!  You can already identify when you are at a high energy level and when you are low and feeling funky, stuck or depressed. Now, you can unleash vast amounts of energy to hit the high points whenever you choose. This is called Mastering Your Energy. 
Are you Ready to UPLEVEL your life & business and most importantly increase your bank account?
I can guarantee that in 90 minutes, you will uncover:
  • A crystal-clear clarity understanding of your unique energy blend
  • How to operate and navigate within your own internal energy map
  • The benefits of tapping into universal confidence
  • Unlimited and infinite possibilities to manage your life with ease
As a result, you will:
  • Remove the blinders that hinder your personal and professional growth
  • Experience a new awareness, a shift in your energy vibration and feel invigorated.
  • Know how to tap into your energy to achieve peak performance results when you choose
  • Less stress=more energy=more productivity=more money
  • Most importantly I will teach you how to use your unique energy DNA 
Get ready for massive shifts and an increased surge of confidence!
When you are at your peak energy level, you can then tap into other universal energies and laws such as the law of abundance and law of attraction.
Yesenia says, “After almost a year with my direct sales company I was extremely exhausted and completely overworked. I just never seemed to have enough hours in the day to get everything done. I’ve always been self driven so I knew I needed something but wasn’t sure what. I was referred to Maureen Saladino, a certified energy/spiritual and strategist master coach, 3 months ago and after watching a few of her Periscopes, I knew I needed I to invest in myself and hire her. Maureen is a God sent angel, I learned so much about myself and what truly drives and fuels me each day. Since my VIP day with Maureen, I was in the TOP 100 in sales with my company world wide, I’ve doubled the amount of women on my team, I was promoted to Elite Presenter with my company AND I was able to quit my day job! She brought out an energy I had inside me, I just never knew how to use it and I’m just getting started! If you want to know energy, Maureen is your lady. Thank You sister.” Yesenia Catalano Younique Pink Status Presenter
This truly is “The Secret” to “The Secret.”
When you are in a manifesting energy state, you will be amazed at how the universe hands you the keys to your abundance with little energetic output.  Your manifesting powers will be heightened!
Make the energetic purchases that lights the fire of abundance within YOU,
start today!
Pricing- 2 Packages to choose from.
Package 1-Ignite Your Energy Shift Package:
For just $1111, you can obtain the power of manifestation!  Price includes:
  • 20- minute online assessment
  • 90-minute Deep Dive Energy Strategy Session
    • Phase 1-Become aware of your unique energy DNA 
    • Phase 2-Learn how to apply your unique energy to your life and business.
  • New for 2018 this package includes 3 additional 1:1 sessions so you can apply your energy to your daily life. Each session is 45 minutes. 
  • Total completion is 1 month of coaching.
 Yes, I am ready to recharge, regenerate and shine at my highest level of energy!
Yes, I want to get unstuck. I am ready to book my session click here to set it up.
Maureen I need a payment plan, but I am committed to achieving these results. Click here to apply for financial assistance. 
Package 2: Master Your Energy Package: VIP Status 
Price is only $2222.00 pay in full or 4 payments of $650 payment plan
  • 20- minute online assessment 
  • VIP DAY- A half day working together virtually from the comfort of your home in your pj’s. 
    • Phase 1-Become aware of your unique energy DNA 
    • Phase 2- I will teach you how to personally use your unique energy DNA in life and business. 
    • Phase 3-Action and Implementation.
    • Phase 4-A guided 3 month plan to keep you on track and focused.
  • 1 Energy Clearing Session during the VIP day to clear up any stagnant energy that showed up.
  • 11 Coaching Sessions 1 hour each to ensure you keep on track with your plan and added clarity and understanding. 
  • Access to email/text daily support from me for the 3 months for ongoing support and guidance. This is the secret sauce! 
Are you VIP?
I only take 3 VIP clients per quarter. Email me at info@maureensaladino.com with VIP in the subject line or set up a 20 min conversation to see if this is a right fit for you.
I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get you into peak energy alignment. Time to go from BLAH to BLAZING.
I look forward to jamming with ya soon 😉
Love, Maureen The Energy Goddess 
Somewhere over the North Pacific and just have to give a major shout out to my spiritual strategist, Maureen Saladino who got on the phone with me at 3:45 am (her time) to coach me through a walking meditation as I bustled through Narita airport in Tokyo to catch my flight……Maureen helped me get centered and raise my vibration before another very long flight and I am so grateful for her dedication and loyalty to me! Cara Alwill Leyba The Champagne Diet
Master Energy
*Disclaimer: No refunds on the energy leadership index assessment
If you would just like a copy of your energy report with a 12 page guide, one time fee of $250. Warning there is no coaching, or deeper meaning. 20 min online assessment, follow up is an email with your results and 12 page self study guidebook. 
The “Unstoppable-Factor Process” includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment created by Bruce Schneider, Ph.D.,
and licensed through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.