Client Love

“Maureen Saladino is my #1 go-to for everything soul-driven – whether it be an energetic boost I need, or getting a spiritual nod to my next big goal, her coaching is always on-point and accurate.  She knows how to get the best out of clients because she uses both a practical yet highly intuitive approach to her assessments.  I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to take their life and business to the next level.” Jennifer Kem

“I’ve been manifesting for 2 days and I received a call from my part time job asking me to pick up 3 more nights!!!!!” 🙌🏼🙏🏻💵👊🏼 Sara O’Brien

Somewhere over the North Pacific and just have to give a major shout out to my spiritual strategist, Maureen Saladino who got on the phone with me at 3:45 am (her time) to coach me through a walking meditation as I bustled through Narita airport in Tokyo to catch my flight……Maureen helped me get centered and raise my vibration before another very long flight and I am so grateful for her dedication and loyalty to me! Cara Alwill Leyba The Champagne Diet

“I’ve never met anyone like Maureen Saladino. She has a fervor and spirit inside of her that blows me away. Her tribe flocks to her for ability to blend angelic energy and spiritual strategy. This is a very unique skill and an asset to any woman on a mission. Burnout is my biggest fear as an entrepreneur with a growing platform. Maureen came to my spiritual business retreat and served as a spiritual advisor to me, ensuring my energy was clean and balanced. She had my back so I could serve my people in the deepest way possible. Maureen is someone you want in your corner. If you have the opportunity to work with her, DO IT. She has a gift and you need to experience it for yourself.” Jenny Fenig, Host of Get Gutsy + Coach to Spiritual Business Leaders,

After almost a year with my direct sales company I was extremely exhausted and completely overworked. I just never seemed to have enough hours in the day to get everything done. I’ve always been self driven so I knew I needed something but wasn’t sure what. I was referred to Maureen Saladino, a certified energy/spiritual and strategist master coach, 3 months ago and after watching a few of her Periscopes I knew I needed I to invest in myself and hire her. Maureen is a God sent angel I learned so much about myself and what truly drives and fuels me each day. Since Maureen I was in the TOP 100 in sales with my company world wide, I’ve doubled the amount of women on my team, I was promoted to Elite Presenter with my company AND I was able to quit my day job! She brought out an energy I had inside me, I just never knew how to use it and I’m just getting started! Yesenia Catalano Younique Pink Status Presenter

Maureen is one of the most soulful people I’ve ever met; she’s incredibly gifted, passionate, and caring. As a newcomer to the spiritual realm, I feel safe and well-guided by Maureen, who prepares informative presentations, attracts interesting, growth-minded people, and continually shares meaningful information. I appreciate her real talk and deep commitment to each person with whom she engages. While I was lucky enough to feel her contagious energy in person, I have also perceived energetic shifts during her online workshops, and I’m living proof of the powerful abundance manifestations that can occur when working with Maureen! At the first session I attended, I asked Maureen to send positive vibes to help me get selected for a dream job, and I’m thrilled to share that I signed my generous job offer today!! Thanks Maureen, and the more I interact with you, the more I am inspired and amazed by you!! Aly Siefert

Goddess training with Maureen opened my life up to so many possibilities. Maureen is truly an energy goddess herself, on group chats you can feel the shifts she sends you through. Although a lot of the content was difficult to get through because of the nature of deep inner work, she’s coaches you through with love and light. The group aspect let’s you connect with other sisters and shifts the focus off of you every once in awhile and gives you a true sisterhood to lean on. I gained so much knowledge into my past and for my future. It is deep hard spiritual work, but if you show up and do it, it will change your life. I feel as though I have a new outlook for my future and better skills to move forward into my soul purpose. ❤ Kylie-Marie Doyle

“Thank you Maureen for helping me find my spiritual identity!”~Lisa Dunlap

Maureen is an amazing Intuitive Energy Coach and Spiritual Strategist. I have had the amazing privilege of working with her for these past 90 days as part of Jen Kem’s MomentumPro coaching program.  I have seen her working her magic to clear the energy in a room and assist the speaker of a retreat weekend to realign herself to create a safe, effective space for all her participants. True magic! Maureen is not only a peer in the world of coaching, but our relationship has developed into a trusted partnership. One of my favorite things about her is her tireless commitment to the work. She makes herself available at all hours to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and to allow for that pivotal moment that can make a difference in someone’s life.  She is very committed to her students, her clients and is one of the most passionate people I have encountered. Her love for others is generous and speaks volumes about what she is creating for everyone she encounters; inevitably spreading joy, love and higher vibration throughout the universe. Lorrie Remington

Maureen has a spiritual powers that are freeing.  After 1 short conversation with Maureen I felt like I was on the right path for success.  I’ve learned so much from Maureen in the last 90 days about angels & energy. I look forward to being in your space and learning more about your brilliance. Sonaya Williams

To explain my experience working with Maureen was so life changing it is hard to just put into words without seeing the expressions on my face and soul. This was my first time working with anyone one on one and also taking a course which is completely out of my comfort zone but the ABSOLUTE best decision I have ever made.  I literally used the last money I had in my account at the time and bit the bullet and took the course.  What I received in return was 1,000 times more than the amount I paid!!!!  I felt so at home and safe with her and her guidance.  She is a no no nonsense teacher but also is very understanding and compassionate to what you are going through.  She pushed me to dive so deep within myself and unlock doors and issues I didn’t even realize that were holding me back from prospering in my own happiness, relations and finances.  Maureen is a plethora of knowledge spiritually but also worldly.  She can see when you need to be pushed to do better, encouraged to not give up and to be proud of the progress you have made which in my eyes defines a magnificent coach.  I guarantee working with Maureen you will 100% make progress in your life if as long as you put in the work.  Not only has she helped me to be able to start helping me heal myself of debilitating illness, improve my life and relationships but also Manifest like a beast!  =)  She teaches you the tools to prosper in all areas of your life and you find that inner confidence and love within yourself.  My only regret is that I didn’t find Maureen earlier.  Now I cant imagine not taking a course or having a one on one coach to help become the best me I can be! Investing in myself was the most rewarding gift I could have given myself and am forever grateful for all the amazing knowledge, lessons, talks, help and love received by Maureen. I look forward to every course she has to offer and to continue to excel in life with the wonderful new tools and gifts I have learned. I can honestly say my life has changed majorly over the past two and a half months and look forward to even more growth.  Thank you again Maureen for all that you do and sharing your amazing gifts! – Jennifer Russell

Maureen’s course that I took for the Retrograde was amazing beyond words.. Her course came into my life just at the right moment. She took so much time into helping each and everyone of us ladies, she just keeps giving! ♡ I not only gained more spiritual growth and confidence, but I also gained a beautiful tribe of ladies. I have never felt so comfortable & close (instantly) with a group of ladies before, so to me it was an amazing surprise. She and Karen Palmer created such a safe and loving place to share whatever was going on in our lives… and helped us to release that inner baggage we were carrying. You could instantly feel that shift of energy once we all mediated and chatted with her. It was truly astonishing! Now, I have never shared my personal story (only with close family & friends) but I felt so comfortable in their space that I did.. And I trusted them with this. With help with their guidance, helped me heal. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you ladies! I just cannot thank everyone enough!! I really look forward to her next courses, and plan on taking every single one. Thank you again, beloved for everything that you do. Love you!! -Ashley Nicole Cambell

Maureen was recommended to me through my business coach and before enrolling in her services I attended a periscope of Maureen on abundance. I didn’t expect anything from it, but I followed her guided meditation (which was my first time) and prior to joining the scope I felt aches in my body, but after completing the meditation I felt a release that I had never felt before and from that experience I enrolled in her program. Again, not expecting anything from the program I did the work she asked and it really brought up things and deep emotions that were hidden. Finding yourself and knowing yourself is something that requires daily work and Maureen is that cheerleading that makes you do the work. You have to be willing and open to do the work in order to get the results. Life can be stressful and oftentimes as women, we take care of everyone else except ourselves, physically and mentally. Maureen will help you put things in perspective, but you have to be willing devote yourself to really dig deep. Mara Dower

“Working with Maureen was very spiritually empowering. She encouraged me look past my inner critic and trust my intuition. I felt safe with her and like she truly cared about me reaching my fullest potential as a coach and as a person. Her support helped to get many women in our group coaching class through some messy parts of our lives. Maureen’s authenticity is contagious, as she gently pushes us to step into our truest self.”~Michelle Dobbs Harvey

I recently worked with Maureen in her Mercury Retrograde program and was blown away by the experience. She created a safe, loving environment where we were all able to connect, bond and share freely. She pushed us beyond our comfort zones but never asked us to do anything she hadn’t done herself. This was truly an amazing experience and I can’t wait to work with Maureen again. Jamie Krantz

Maureen is able to see the truth even when you are trying to hide. She sees the beauty within the chaos and helps you reach deep to bring it all out in a way that is of service to your clients and those around you. Maureen taps into this deep energy to provide support and advice; and also shows you how to do the same for yourself. The most important advice that she’s given me is to “ Go DEEP instead of WIDE”… this totally changed how I do everything in my business and kept me grounded during my own program launch. Maureen thought me that it’s not just about the mechanics of launching, it’s about deep connection with your audience, clients and peeps and being authentic to who you are. Pat Romaine 

I just spent two hours on the phone with my new bestie and spiritual strategist Maureen Saladino. My mind is clear and open and I have a strategy to help me let go of all the excess baggage in my life that is no longer serving my purpose. Until last week I never realized I needed a spiritual strategist, let alone what one was, but now I’m hooked!! Keep an eye on her…she’s going places folks! Check out her Facebook page: Love you with a MILLION HEARTS!!! ~Tess Henley

Maureen Saladino = Powerful Energy Practioner. Amazing things happened right after I got off the phone with her. Book a session! Alisia Leavitt

Month 1: “Maureen really helped me hone in on what was holding me back and what I needed to address. Maureen operates at such a high energy level that she really is such a powerful coach. Within weeks of working with Maureen numerous goals have manifested. We just got started and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. She is my personal cheerleader!”

Month 3: Maureen Saladino is such a force of nature and has a true talent for intuitive coaching around transforming your life. Maureen helps you identify the blocks that have been holding you back in your life and shows you how to reignite your inborn spark. Using her psychic intuition and angel coaching she brings personal coaching to a whole new, deep and celestial level of true breakthrough! I loved working with her!
-Emily Brickel, Published Fashion Illustrator and
-Emily Brickel, published Fashion Illustrator, designer, blogger and creative consultant.

“Maureen helped me tap into my inner self and powers! She made me get really clear on my passions and what makes me tick and feel alive and intuitively connected me to my souls purpose and life’s mission! Most important she believed in me when I did not and she helped me not only grow and develop my business but she was with me each and every step of the way. Maureen went above and beyond my expectations as a coach. No words can really describe how she has changed my life and all I can say is work with her and start living your life of abundance because it is true it can and will happen. I feel I am finally living my authentic life and I am so happy and grateful that chose a coach that understood my pain and made it my purpose. Thank you Maureen xo.” ~Alexa Megan Professional Organizer and Lifestyle Strategist

“Maureen is a gifted Healer and Intuitive, I am deeply grateful for her work. She is always spot on and her guidance and love is felt instantly. She has helped me with so much in my life and i will always be a strong supporter of this beautiful talented Miracle Worker.” – Macha Einbender

Group Coaching and Mercury in Retrograde~My experience with Maureen was amazing. She is an excellent teacher and learning about my own core issues and feel safe in a group of loving women was pure magic. I felt so supported and continue to stay connected to many from the group especially Maureen.

One on One Coaching~One of the best investments I ever made was hiring Maureen as a coach. She helped me to make friends with my inner critic which exploded my success in my business. She helped me to see my own value and increase my confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants more confidence and courage. She is a true blessing.

Angel Reading~Maureen was right on and confirmed so many things for me in my reading with her, she is a truly gifted healer and I feel blessed to know I can always reach out to her and she will share her wisdom.

Karen Palmer is a master at manifesting and teaches simple strategies so anyone can live their dream life. You can reach her at

Maureen’s action oriented approach to coaching ensures results; she is extremely effective in helping you move forward, at whatever rate is comfortable for you. Her self-confidence was a great model for me and her belief in my abilities served to ramp up my own confidence. I am grateful for the progress I have made working with her and continue to incorporate the things we worked on together in my daily life. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a high energy, results oriented coach to work with Maureen. Helen Weiner

Confidence Coach, Maureen Saladino, is an extraordinary human being. Her coaching has made a huge difference on the quality of my life and my ability to perform and be creative in all areas of my life. In only a single one hour session, I have literally transformed my life! I’m in action, feeling alive and filled with joy as I am pursuing the things, from the deepest part of my heart! Maureen listens, I mean REALLY listens, and she gets to the source of the issue with laser like precision. I got to see where limitations I had created were blocking my progress and have been doing the work needed to continue to move blocks and alter my own perceptions. Maureen is amazing and I highly recommend her coaching, the results are incredible!~

I decided to coach directly with Maureen the past few months to get crystal clear on my intentions which was really scary for me because I was so nervous to actually ask for what I wanted. But Maureen taught me to not be afraid to ask because I DESERVE all that I could dream of. She clearly explained how affirmations, intentions and the passion work and the magic behind combining all of these together to set in motion for manifesting. Also, she asked me how I was self-sabotaging my success. And I stopped dead in my tracks. I was actually doing things to self-sabotage the things that I wanted. Who knew certain things I was doing was actually hindering my manifesting powers.
I had an audio recording teaching me all this and then a workbook to see how this process works. I think the part that made me believe I can do anything was the guided meditation she did with me to remove fear that I was not good enough. My meditation is like my cup of coffee. If I don’t do it, I can tell a difference in how I act and think during the day. The results have been outstanding. I can’t explain how amazing this transformation has been for my overall outlook on life. I can’t thank Maureen enough for all she has done. I highly recommend joining the intention call and check it out and if you want to start creating magic in your life then do a private session. I got my money back within the first month. She is an Angel, my Angel.” ~MK Sullivan

“Maureen is one of the most passionate people I know. Exuberant and kind, she is a fiercely loyal coach that I trust implicitly. Her energy is palpable, her attitude is contagious and there is never any doubt that Maureen is giving 100% of her self to the moment. One of the most valuable relationships in life is having someone we can count on to share our triumphs and help us learn from our failures and Maureen is a true ally because she is honest, holds me accountable and treats me with compassion. I always leave our interactions with insight and positive feelings. A feeling I look forward to now. I have participated in several intention setting ceremonies that Maureen facilitates and they are powerful experiences. Maureen expertly leads a group meditation and together we all share the emotions, desires and dreams we wish to manifest. It is a wonderful feeling of family and intimacy. Furthermore, I have no doubt that on more than one occasion following these ceremonies, my intentions have become manifest.Actually every intention I set with Maureen has become true its hard to explain how but it does:) Her passion, commitment and energy drive the group to set their souls on fire and removes obstacles that block the intention and lets it shine or you can say burn so the manifestations can begin. Maureen has the Mojo! My life has literally changed 360 since I started working with her and I am so grateful she is one of the most dynamic coaches I have ever met and highly recommend working with this intuitive angel she will rock you to the life you want to live.” Bret Warshowsky.

“I first was skeptical because I was not experiencing any positive changes in my life. I was stuck and felt so depressed and everything I did nothing worked. I worked a job, I hated. I wanted to change my career, but was scared. I tried everything. A friend told me about this event and I decided to donate money to the manifesting ceremony. What did I have to lose, it was like buying a lottery ticket. I was amazed, after 3 months I found my dream job and I firmly believe whatever these burn ceremonies do, it works! I can’t explain it but Maureen is gifted and passionate and my dreams came true. I was so excited I started coaching with her so I could find my purpose.” ~Casey Roem

“I do not know what you do Maureen, but everything I set an intention for came true.” Jeff

I have participated in several intention setting ceremonies that Maureen facilitates and they are powerful experiences. Maureen expertly leads a group meditation and together we all share the emotions, desires and dreams we wish to manifest. It is a wonderful feeling of family and intimacy. Furthermore, I have no doubt that on more than one occasion following these ceremonies, my intentions have become manifest.Actually every intention I set with Maureen has become true its hard to explain how but it does:) Her passion, commitment and energy drive the group to set their souls on fire and removes obstacles that block the intention and lets it shine or you can say burn so the manifestations can begin. Maureen has the Mojo! My life has literally changed 360 since I started working with her and I am so grateful she is one of the most dynamic coaches I have ever met and highly recommend working with this intuitive angel she will rock you to the life you want to live.” Bret Warshowsky.

“I met Maureen at the beginning of my journey. Many miles and tears shed since then but the moment I met her I knew here was a special sister for the journey. Kripalu I was part of her angel card readings and healing circle. That just added to the strength of my spiritual transformation that weekend. I left feeling stronger. And soon an unexpected 16 hr car ride home tested my resolve 🙂 all was well as love is all. Maureen completely lives that and embraces.” Jannae Sherensky

“Maureen was like a mentor in certain things that I was looking to understand to manifest if you will, through her spiritual guidance given to me I have seen many changes in my life and I’m sure many more opportunities will come in my direction through manifestation and what I call laws of attraction. This is something by manifestation believing in something through faith that you actually make it manifest itself to come true! I have seen this in my own life on certain occasions of things that I have believed in and watch it manifest right before my eyes! I guess you can say manifestation with the right poeple working to believe with you can make a big difference in changing your life around to achieve successful dreams that you may have!” ~MarkyZ DRR Media Promotions/VP and

“I have joined these monthly calls and set intentions with Maureen for about four years now. The energy and vibe alone is worth attending, seriously it’s magical. It is hard to describe but just attend one intention setting ceremony and you will see for yourself, seriously. When Maureen burns your intentions, the Universe receives them loud and clear. Maureen holds a certain space and contagious energy that immediately made me feel supported. I knew my intentions were heard and having the support of Maureen made me feel safe and like the Universe really had my back. I honestly do not know what truly happens at these events, but every intention I set with her monthly ceremonies has come true or I’ve gotten something better than I expected!! ~Mk Sullivan