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Make $$$ Yo B*tch Masterclass Replay

Hey Hey Hey Here is the replay of the Make $$ Yo B*tch Masterclass If you want to kick your manifesting game up a notch. I am inviting you to hang out and join us in the Become a Money

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Top 3 reasons for a 90 day daily mindset shift

Hey Hey Hey! I know you are interested to see my top 3 tricks of the trade to manifest more money in your life. First, if you have not started this yet, I highly recommend creating a Daily Spiritual Practice

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Why I am not a #nastywoman….its not what you think?

I know this whole planet is feeling some way about everything that is going on lately. This past election has stirred up so many emotions and I am starting to think have I just lost my mind and fallen off

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How to Protect Your Energy?

Ladies, as usual Sunday Soul chat was amazing. I was in the zone teaching you this and hope you are able to learn allot about protecting your energy. Below is the video recording and under the recording is all the

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Crystals 101

I often get asked about crystals so I partnered with Juanita Aguerrebere owner of Roca Luna to sit down and have a soul chat about crystals. How to pick them, what they are and so many more questions about the basics

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Want to be a Life Coach??

Here is the special link to join Get Gutsy Coaching School. Use this link if you would like to have my special bonus which is EPIC, can’t believe I am giving away so much but like Jenny, I am 100%

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Exclusive Energy Report Nov through Dec

HOW BAD DO YOU EFFN WANT IT!! THE TIME IS NOW! This is a channeled message from now until the end of the year. This was written last week in my Free FB group called Soul Tribe. Now you can

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How to ask the right questions for Angel Guidance

I get asked this question all the time. I figured I would make a little guideline for receiving messages. In general, 1 card readings will give you an overview of a particular question, guidance you need to hear right now

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Fall Energy Report 10/30/2016

Like seriously universe what the hell is up with you this past week??? This might be a question you are asking yourselves and it might be taking a huge toll on your energy. 1) I touched base on energy vortex’s

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May 30th Angel Messages

I hope you had a great memorial day weekend and had time to honor your family and support the troops. Latest update in Soul Tribe, we just finished the Manifest More Money Challenge and it was hot hot hot in

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