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Shift Your Money Mindset Masterclass

Replay is now available below and it was such a great conversation. Total time 1 hour and ten minutes LAAA I finally got my timing down perfect for a masterclass. That alone is a miracle LOL. I had so much

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Sunday Soul Chat: Become a best selling author and learn the energy blocks that stop us from accomplishing our dream

Sunday Soul Tribe chats featuring best selling author and MKT guru Kathy Kidd of KIDD marketing. Soul Tribe members meet Kathy, she is the go to expert if you want to get seen and paid as an author. I know

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Declutter Your Mind, Body & Spirit for more Abundance

Today’s topic is decluttering and the importance of creating clear energy space to attract more happiness, joy, and abundance in your life. This edition of Sunday Soul Chats was the Unicorn Jamboree with guests Karen Riordon Palmer & Krystal Holm whom both shared

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Starting out on the spiritual path. Free resources to learn more

Whazzup Goddess! I know some of you might be exploring this spiritual realm for the first time or remembering things that might be a little uncomfy at first, you might be questioning God/religion versus your own personal spiritual beliefs, you

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3 tips to transform your energy from Screw You Mercury RX to I Love U!

Trust me I hear ya loud and clear and at one point I was like Eff You RX too. I had 2 serious meltdowns during launches of my online business which started 6 years ago. This experience as a new

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Is Mercury Rx real or all Woo Woo BS? Curious?!?! Read more……

First, what is this thing called Mercury Retrograde? Why do so many people talk about it? I am glad this question was asked. Here is the skinny, unless you are living under a rock or maybe you are joking, but

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Make $$$ Yo B*tch Masterclass Replay

Hey Hey Hey Here is the replay of the Make $$ Yo B*tch Masterclass If you want to kick your manifesting game up a notch. I am inviting you to hang out and join us in the Become a Money

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Top 3 reasons for a 90 day daily mindset shift

Hey Hey Hey! I know you are interested to see my top 3 tricks of the trade to manifest more money in your life. First, if you have not started this yet, I highly recommend creating a Daily Spiritual Practice

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Why I am not a #nastywoman….its not what you think?

I know this whole planet is feeling some way about everything that is going on lately. This past election has stirred up so many emotions and I am starting to think have I just lost my mind and fallen off

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How to Protect Your Energy?

Ladies, as usual Sunday Soul chat was amazing. I was in the zone teaching you this and hope you are able to learn allot about protecting your energy. Below is the video recording and under the recording is all the

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