If I can touch other souls with my story, 
I have accomplished my purpose. 


Imagine not knowing you were traumatized but knowing something was different?
At the age of 3, I was molested and my mother sought the help of a therapist. I remember entering into his office and drawing a picture of what took place. But, he dismissed me by claiming that I was young and would lose the memory. No one spoke of it again but you can only suppress a painful memory for so long. 
I grew up with trust issues and I didn’t feel as though I fit in with anyone. I never felt like I was good enough. I was definitely different and yet, I didn’t know the reason for it. I now see that I was exhibiting the typical PTSD symptoms occurring from the trauma
At this young age, I found that spirituality supported me when reality could not. I tapped into another realm and started communicating with my Angels to heal.
At the age of 12, I grasped onto spirituality to drive myself into the goal of training for the Olympic softball team. But, I suffered a debilitating injury that removed me from my one true escape and my dream of making the Olympic team.
Seeking Solace
Years later, a near death experience caused me to ask questions about my molestation and I was finally told the truth. I went into therapy and I am a firm believer that it is helpful. But, I could not have healed fully through therapy – I knew my true healing had to come from a cellular level. 
Hurt people hurt other people
5 years ago, I was raped and stalked in such an intense manner, I had to leave my home. I faced the fear by completing the grueling process with the police, including testimony and a rape kit.  I was told that it was my word against his unless I could get him to confess on tape (which is legal in the state of Delaware).
Not willing to give up, I got the confession.  Not only did he admit what he had done to me but he also admitted to hurting other women. Yet, I was told the story wasn’t strong enough and he was set free. This caused me to suffer a level of stress and anxiety that is beyond description.  I was fearful of a leaf falling onto my shoulder and any time I left the house, my family wondered if I would return. My only comfort was knowing that I had a created a record of his history that will be there in the event he hurts anyone else.       
The Calling
Soon after, I was at the beach enjoying a birthday celebration with friends and family. I had a few drinks and suddenly saw my rapist.  In that moment, all of my PTSD returned and the memories and feelings flooded in. I snapped. Without thinking, I ran to my car and drove as fast as I could. The police pulled me over and I was arrested on suspicion of a DUI.  I was sentenced to 14 days in prison and lost my scholarships.
When you are not aligned with the Universe,
The Universe shows you a way
The Universe has plan greater than you can imagine.
While serving my 14 days, I found a deeper connection to spirit.  They told me that they needed me to be a light worker and stated “Don’t look at this like a defeat, look at it as a success.”  And that’s when I truly realized my calling.  I helped so many women during those two weeks, that my calling became obvious.  I have no doubt that I am meant to help others to overcome any form of adversity they may be facing.  And ultimately, heal people on a cellular level.  
Cocoon to butterfly
I discovered that in speaking to spirit, I could heal myself. I needed to redefine myself and who I was as a person so I could take my power back into my life. I took a martial arts course to learn to protect myself and became certified as a life coach. Taking inventory through my soul allowed me to complete a journey of self-discovery truly and rise above all of my adversities. I also learned that there is a possibility of true and radical forgiveness…and once you enter into it, miraculous things will happen. 
I hope my story helps you to realize that no matter the adversities you face, your soul can heal. And when that happens, you are ready to kick some ass in life!
My soul’s purpose is to help women find a safe space to “come out” of the spiritual closet, to overcome their adversities, to find forgiveness, heal themselves and live the life they were meant to live.
Contact me today to begin your new journey of self-discovery so you can move forward into infinite possibilities that eagerly await you!