Mercury Retrograde July 2018: Is Mercury Rx real or all Woo Woo BS? Curious? Read more……

First, what is this thing called Mercury Retrograde & Why do so many people talk about it?#MercurEASE
I am glad this question was asked. Here is the skinny, unless you are living under a rock or maybe you are joking, but I am pretty sure someone has mentioned it in passing before. FB, Instagram, social media, news outlets and even major companies poke fun at the Mercury Retrograde. Maybe you do not have any WOO friends that discuss this thing called Mercury Retrograde. Or you might just be curious to know what all the hype is about. Let’s have a soul chat!
Before I dive in let’s talk some general facts about the Planet Mercury.
Mercury is the planet that rules communication including how we talk to others, listen, engage in conversation, learn, read, study, negotiate, email, text, private message and enjoy our commerce, especially e-commerce. Can we say, “I LOVE AMAZON PRIME!” Mercury also rules formal contracts and agreements, term papers, important business documents, agreements between people.
For all my online entrepreneur friends, who like simple systems, and easy technology, listen up.  This planet affects computer codes, webinars, automation, and travel alignment so when it goes retrograde and we can’t convey a clear message ish hits the fan.
It makes perfect sense this question was asked. But, how do we avoid the breakdown if we can’t chat effectively?
A Little secret: SHHH I LOVE MERCURY RETROGRADE, whew I said it out loud. I get super excited to teach others the simple principles to avoid complications. 5 years teaching the MercurEASE Sisterhood circle which happens 3-4 times a year, well you learn so much but also pick up on patterns teaching thousands of Goddesses overcome this time with ease.
Secret number 2, in the years of studying the Mercury RX, the root core to having ish hit the fan is FEAR & Shadow work. Yup, 95% of the time things go awry is because subconsciously or consciously fear creeps in and we need to do some shadow work. It sounds so simple, but it plagues so many from moving forward, especially during the RX. Its like super PMS and this particular RX season + 5 other planets are RX too and it is ECLIPSE Season. Can we say REALLY UNIVERSE that is allot even for me.
Let’s get into action because I want you to re-frame your thoughts/judgements and scarcity mindset for a hot min, because can you imagine life without this planet taking a break?
Just close your eyes for one moment and breathe in love and exhale gratitude. Together let’s take a moment to clear all judgments and attachments to what we quite possible think happens during this time and be open to receive new insight. No flipping out, just peace and love y’all. We like to Netflix and chill, well the planets do too 😉
A quick soul chat before we talk some smack on this astrological event. Don’t be hating yet, unless you truly know what is up. And let me help you solve this problem with my fear busting hacks for success.
I want you to think about your life if:
What if you never took a break?
What if you did not rest or take some time for self care? What if your kids never napped? Or you had to work 80+ hours a week every week for years on end.
I pray this last statement is not your reality.
You would get pretty grumpy, miserable and irritable, right? Maybe all these planetary shifts are making you feel like any of these symptoms:
On the real, if you have been feeling restless, agitated, irritable, not sure how to communicate, funky, tired, lethargic, insomnia, heightened sensitivities to energy etc then my friend join the Mercur-Ease Detox Challenge to charge up and reALIGN your soul and kickstart your manifesting game. One thing I know like I know is that we all want to manifest EPIC things in our life but looking at the fears, the darker side and shadow work, truly does set our manifesting game FREE.
I know I am a beast when I am “hangry” or I need to take it down a notch and rest my soul. I am not sparkly rainbows, unicorns a fairy-like when this feeling occurs. No one wants to see me like this, ya feel me?
Well my friends this is what happens when the planet Mercury goes retrograde, it is taking a mini vacation to RECHARGE its lunar soul.
I think knowing this we can have some more compassion for the Retrograde right?!?
I have been obsessed with the Mercury Rx for quite some time and consider myself a trained by life experience expert on this topic and I say that with confidence because every time you want to say. “Yeah, I got your number this time retrograde, oh it ends up being a sh** storm.”
Trust me on this, you do not want to play Russian roulette with the universe. I choose to co-create with the universe especially during this time and after years of coaching people specifically on this exact topic, well my clients end up falling in love with this period, too. Jessica says, “I have struggled with not feeling good enough or worthy for as long as I can remember. When I took j cookMaureen Saladino’s Mercury Retrograde Program, my whole life more here.
We fall in love with the Retrograde to avoid having a meltdown in the Mercur-EASE sisterhood circle.
Brand New: FREE event in Soul Tribe called the  MercurEASE Detox challenge which is designed to help you navigate the pre-shadow phase with EASE plus prizes and crystal giveaways.
I am also hosting a Masterclass on this topic in case you want the WHAM BAM Thank You 90 minute training so you can Survive this Mercury RX season. This is for the Goddess on the go who does not have time for challenges and/or group situations because just that you are a Goddess On the Go.
Release the fear. Silence the Inner Diva B*tch Chatter in your head! Mercury RX Master Class July 22 at 9PM EST. Sign up here. Lifetime access + recording.
Ready for this shit talk! Here is the smack down……..
Some classic examples of a temper tantrum an adult could experience during this time:
  • Complete technology failure, lost emails, unsent emails when you push send, people telling you they never got your email.
  • System errors, pages not loading. The effn spinning wheel, doing absoflippinglutely nothing but testing your patience.
  • Contracts falling through, or deals not being handled the right way especially if it is a huge ticket item
  • Cell phone goes on the fritz, oh no not the cell phone! Pictures literally erase and vanish, memories lost, etc….
  • If you are an entrepreneur you will feel this one deep: you lose all your data for your next launch, tech issues on a webinar, your drop box decides that there is no documents there, clients stop paying for services, travel plans get delayed, your online digital courses stop working properly.
UGH nobody has time for this and this is naming just a few things that could happen during the Mercury Retrograde if you are not prepared for it.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail~Ben Franklin

Let’s avoid this shall we. Be compassionate with the RX, like we would console a scared kid.
Mercury is a little slow because the planet is recharging.  The reason technology and communication gets wonky is because when the planet retrogrades imagine it coming closer to our communication towers. Mercury is the closest to the sun, therefore its orbit is a shorter path than Earth so during this time its called retrograde.  Keeping it simple here, since we rely so heavily on technology to communicate it affects us as humans.
What does this tell you? As above also below and go with the flow and more importantly roll with the universe’s energy frequencies. Another visual is imagine a train going 90 m.p.h. and you are on a train going 55 m.p.h. it almost seems for that moment in time you are moving backwards too. And it is as simple as that. If you have no time to deal with this and know fear is blocking you from moving forward. The time is now to join the FREE MercurEASE Detox Challenge.
Release the fear. Silence the Inner Diva B*tch Chatter in your head! 

I hope this helps your Pre/during/post Mercury RX feelings.

So much love for you all!

Energy Goddess Maureen XO

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