Energy Tips to transform your vibe from Screw You Mercury RX to I Love U!

Energy Tips to transform your energy from Screw You Mercury RX to I Love U!

Trust me I hear ya loud and clear!!! Fear based media and news does not help either!! When I first started my online business and started remembering my spiritual journey, my same thoughts were Eff You RX. I had 2 serious meltdowns during launches in my online business.

This experience as a new online entrepreneur sucked, and no one talked about it, soo not cool! When I see a problem, I go on a mission to find a solution for myself, and if it works then I teach it. Lots of testing and now it is officially my 7 year anniversary of teaching about the RX. I hope I can help you fall in love with Mercury too 😉 My biggest mission is no Goddess left behind and teaching others how magical this time truly is. If you need to know what is up with all things Mercury click here.

Knock on wood, but I have no issues during the RX. I have taught and coached hundreds now and I want to help you. Nobody has time for a nervous breakdown during the Mercury Retrograde!

Before I share some energy tips, it is imperative I let ya know that the #1 thing that is gonna jack you up during a Mercury RX shadow bender and it is the fear chatter in your head.

If you want to kick some fear booty, I got your back literally, haha. Many teachers do not explore the shadow side to healing and I DO, because without a deep understanding of your core energy blocks well quite frankly you will stay stuck where you are! Seriously, nobody has time for that. If you want to explore your shadow side and awaken the Goddess within then the MercurEASE Sisterhood Circle might be for you! Learn more here

This is by far one of my most favorite things to teach besides moon phases! Also, this is my first ever course so it is near and dear to my heart & soul! Client love 😉

Now for some ENERGY TIPS

Let’s Go…..

Step 1 Make a Mercur EASE Checklist: Get your booty in gear

  • Backup your data
  • Check all systems in your business even the systems that never has issues.
  • If you run an online business and need to launch above step will save your life
  • Side note: DO not launch if you do not have to, but if you do, PREPARE before or during the pre-shadow phase. Majority of programs, new jobs, courses, businesses will fail within 2 years of a Mercury Rx launch. #truth Try it out and let me know how that goes for ya! I see it all the time and patterns do not lie.
  • Solidify travel plans in advance
  • Make all major and technology purchases before the shadow phase.
  • Make an action plan for more self care, we just wrapped up a #MercurEASE Detox Challenge and created action plans for success! Units tab in soul tribe is available if you want to play.
  • Identify any blocks or fears you have in your life and business
  • Join Soul Tribe for badass tips to help navigate ya through this time.

At the end of the day Soul Care, action plans and seriously take a moment to pause and stop forcing everything. We want and NEED instant gratification but Mercury is like slow your roll, I am on a Netflix binge chillin like a villain, it’s a great time to explore the shadow side, work on core energy blocks, be in solitude, reflect, revise plans, get ready for a major launch or project. I like to think of the RX season as pre season like a professional spiritual athlete, we must train and then we play!!!

Stay tuned for more tips in Soul Tribe and the more Mercury RX energy tips will be coming very soon on the blog!!!

May the odds ever be in your favor for this Mercury Retrograde.

Have I shared this yet???

EEEK!!!! I am teaching this round of #MercurEASE Sisterhood Circle LIVE! A 3 week fear kicking boot camp designed to help you get out of the shadow and step into the light. Why walk alone when you can be supported by a mentor and fellow Goddesses on the same spiritual path as yourself.

I get it we are busy so here is my wham bam solution to help you overcome the RX with ease. I am now offering a MasterClass for the Goddess on the GO! A women who likes to do her own inner work and do it on her own schedule. I get it!! Many do not have this commitment but Goddesses on the Go do. So if you want to learn in 90 minutes what I teach in the 3 week course. Sign up here. Recordings are available so you can watch over and over again 😉

I am ready to kick fears ass masterclass click this link.

I wish you all a happy and magical RX season.

Energetically Yours Love,

Maureen Saladino The Energy Goddess


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