Energy Tips to Survive Mercury RX

Hey Hey Hey Goddess!!
Sharing some more energy tips so you can fall in love with the Mercury RX season too 😉
Catch up here if you missed the earlier energy tips
Energy Tip of the week for Mercury RX season. Pick a RE-Word
Be gentle with yourself and pick a RE-word to focus on.
Some examples include, recharge, reinvigorate, renew, restore, revive, redecorate, redefine, reinvent yourself. Have fun with this assignment.
Great reflection questions to journal on:
  1. What area in your life do you want to improve that you have avoided?
  2. What is something from your past that it is time to heal?
  3. Who do I need to forgive? { it might be yourself, too }
  4. What fear do I need to work on to become UNSTOPPABLE?
Now go ahead and pick a Re word that helps answer your questions above.
A good rule of thumb to avoid any and all issues during the retrograde is RENEW+ REVIEW+ REANALYZE + REPEAT=formula for success.

Like a broken record, LOL. At the end of the day Soul Care, action plans and seriously take a moment to pause and stop forcing everything. We want and NEED instant gratification but Mercury is like slow your roll, I am on a Netflix binge chillin like a villain, it’s a great time to explore the shadow side, work on core energy blocks, be in solitude, reflect, revise plans, get ready for a major launch or project. I like to think of the RX season as pre season like a professional spiritual athlete, we must train and then we play!!!

Stay tuned for more tips in Soul Tribe and the more Mercury RX energy tips will be coming very soon on the blog!!!

May the odds ever be in your favor for this Mercury Retrograde.

Have I shared this yet???

EEEK!!!! I am teaching this round of #MercurEASE Sisterhood Circle LIVE! A 3 week fear kicking boot camp designed to help you get out of the shadow and step into the light. Why walk alone when you can be supported by a mentor and fellow Goddesses on the same spiritual path as yourself.

I get it we are busy so here is my wham bam solution to help you overcome the RX with ease. I am now offering a MasterClass for the Goddess on the GO! A women who likes to do her own inner work and do it on her own schedule. I get it!! Many do not have this commitment but Goddesses on the Go do. So if you want to learn in 90 minutes what I teach in the 3 week course. Sign up here. Recordings are available so you can watch over and over again 😉

I am ready to kick fears ass masterclass click this link.

I wish you all a happy and magical RX season.

Energetically Yours Love,

Maureen Saladino The Energy Goddess


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