Energy tips: Spiritual Flu, Ascension Process & Awakening. The planets vibe is shifting and so are you!

Hello Goddesses on the path to awakening their divine feminine!!

I am writing this to discuss my journey about being sick with the flu, but it was not the flu, it was a spiritual flu or an ascension upleveling honestly not many talk about it. I have researched this and to no avail so here I am like usual shining light on what I know or believe to be true from my experiences as a spiritual teacher. I have worked with hundreds during this process and it is always the same. Patterns never lie.

Call it what you want but I believe it to be real and maybe scientifically it is simply our bodies feeling the vibration of the planet rise. Regardless we do not need labels to define us nor explain how we are feeling. I trust the science community is researching this as we speak!

What the heck is this feeling you might be thinking? Well my friends let me break it down simple for you:

The onset of the spiritual flu~At first you think you have a hangover, a really bad one, however if you did not drink so the symptoms seem to be UN explained (my situation.) Then you think, I have a virus or stomach bug. All the symptoms are present: vomiting, body aches, headache, hot/cold flashes, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, shortness in breath, dizziness, tired, drained, feeling depleted, restless, insomnia, clear visions, vivid dreams, a deep knowing inside your soul and it feels uncomfy. It is like you are on the hot mess bi-polar train express and have no idea what is going on. I FEEL YOU!!! 

Then, this mofo is still lingering and it lasts longer than the 24/48 hour bug and nothing is relieving you from this agony.

So what it happening to my body? You are ascending to a higher vibration in your soul or maybe you are awakening for the first time. What I do know for fact is after the first awakening it does get more intense, please do not shoot the messenger, however I can help you transition through it with ease.

I call it a spiritual hangover and some spiritual friends call it a flu.

What is a spiritual flu/hangover?

A spiritual hangover is when you are awakening on a deeper soul level. What is happening is that your whole body from the cells to the chemistry in your body is changing and shifting at rapid speeds. It feels like you are dying or there is something seriously wrong with you. If you are like me and want to know the deep reasons to why this is happening here is the best in depth explanation that is easy to understand.   Read here for a deeper meaning & symptoms of this spiritual shift!


We are experiencing massive shifts as a universal whole. Some are still in a sleeping state (spiritual amnesia.)  Many people are awakening from spiritual amnesia and remembering unique super powers and gifts. I call it the first awakening. Congrats!

If you are in tune at all or quote unquote WOKE you are feeling it especially with this Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 7/27/18 the longest eclipse in 100 years phenom and it is right before we enter the Lions Gate Portal 8/8/18 + 6 planets are in retrograde including my FAVE The one and only Mercury RX  #MercuEASE . IT IS FKN INTENSE even for a skilled energy master.

Morgan says it best ——–> WOWZA so true, right?!? 

Side mention: One of my Superpowers is helping clients that have newly awakened or about to awaken and come out of the spiritual closet. If you are on the spiritual path it is kinda like a right of passage or a jacked up sorority initiation and every person feels this too. EVERYONE so you are def NOT ALONE!!! I have yet to meet one person who has not gone through initiation. Thanks Universe for the nudge! 

Some of you are like me: old souls on a committed spiritual path and we have entered into a whole new dimension in this present time. The time is now to truly honor your calling as a lightworker and be of service to the world which is the onset of the spiritual flu. No escaping this one spiritual friends.

If you have awakened, the ascension process is even more challenging. Do not shoot the messenger LOL. My best advice is to surrender and let go to the divine. Surrender & Release to let this go because you are needed and the world NEED YOU and your special powers! I promise!! If you need help my latest course can really help you work on the shadow side of all this so you can emerge like the Goddess you are!!

I also believe in holistic healing and Eastern practices, so my last resort is to see a traditional Western doctor. Please listen to your body and take the right action steps for your soul!

I am not by any means a medical adviser, health guru or expert in the medicinal world so this is just my personal experience in something that is not talked about in our society. If you feel the need to consult a doctor please do so immediately. The diagnosis will give you a peace of mind but if your soul is shifting there might not be no diagnosis, either way Western medicine and Eastern is badass and can be great to blend the both.

You know your body and listen to your intuition. Your intuition is your higher self talking to you and sharing truth so you can heal. As always I am here for you. I love you so much!

Wishing you a happy and peaceful soul shift!

Energy Goddess Maureen


With love Momma Spiritual Bear

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please let me know in the comments. I will be writing an e-book on how to overcome the debilitating effects of a spiritual hangover. If you have any questions email me: with Spiritual Hangover in the subject line. Or hang out with me in SOUL TRIBE my free online support group for ALL THE THINGS Spiritual


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One comment on “Energy tips: Spiritual Flu, Ascension Process & Awakening. The planets vibe is shifting and so are you!
  1. Marie austin says:

    Hi I had the said hangover Sunday into Monday and Tuesday I had the flu well what I now know is the ascension flu, my legs have been horrendously painful the short burst of naps I have I’m in two worlds and can talk while asleep my love of tea has gone I actually hate it now? How long will it last it’s so painful

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