Starting out on the spiritual path. Free resources to learn more

Whazzup Goddess! I know some of you might be exploring this spiritual realm for the first time or remembering things that might be a little uncomfy at first, you might be questioning God/religion versus your own personal spiritual beliefs, you might not feel supported at all and kinda like you are an alien bc things like this might be happening: seeing ghosts/talking to the other side/intuition on fleek/spiritual tools you do not know/restless sleeping/heat in your hands/remembering things you never learned/increased or very low energy etc. and you feel alone, no one gets ya and you are all alone. Oh my friend, I walked alone for so long, once I healed my past I was hell bent to share this to the masses and why I am here sharing the ebb and flow of the universal gifts bestowed upon me.

All this tells me is that you found me for a reason because I help other come out of the spiritual closet and now you are coming back home to your soul’s purpose or you are awakening for the first time and possible having a massive soul shift within.

This is super exciting to me and welcome home Goddess. I have cultivated a step by step guide to get ya started or unstuck wherever you are in your soul shift.

Below is the best resources, my most amazing training all free to you because I know you hear this whisper. I heard it years ago too and just wanted a mentor or guide to show me the way but also make it fun. No fear Goddess, you can start your spiritual journey today.

I believe there is plenty to go around and when I started, having strong role models, guides, teachers and mentors like myself helped me to get to where I am at, for this reason I will always give back the way I was trained.

  1. Soul Tribe is my free online community. I may or may not write a blog, seriously emails and blogs are not my jam. I just prefer using social media such as FB as a real platform to interact and engage with my tribe. It is called social media right?!?
  2. If this is your tribe vibe here are some things we do weekly: receive exclusive energy reports, weekly Angel readings, test your intuition games, spiritual bootcamp skill training games, battle of the funny/inspirational memes day, weekly free coaching thread, Angel reading parties, Sunday meet and great soul chats, fireside guest workshops, FB Live trainings, learn about moon phases/manifesting with the moon, and so much more. Click here to join in a very engaged spiritual community. 
  3. Many people ask me about life coaching, what is it? How do you pick the right coach or school? I partnered with Jenny Fenig, 2016 Stevie Coach of the Year recipient to share the behind the scenes reality of the coaching industry. Check out the video here if you want to be a coach or want to hire a coach. 
  4. If by chance you do not wear crystals in your bra than this training is for you. Experience a Super Soul Sunday Fireside chat riffing about crystals, what they are? what they do? How to use them, how to buy them. Basically, its the training you wish others would share. Click here to learn more about crystals. 

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