3 tips to transform your energy from Screw You Mercury RX to I Love U!

Trust me I hear ya loud and clear and at one point I was like Eff You RX too. I had 2 serious meltdowns during launches of my online business which started 6 years ago.

This experience as a new online entrepeneur sucked, and no one talked about it, soo not cool!  When I see I problem, I go on a mission to find a solution for myself, and if it works then I teach it. It is almost my 6 year anniversary of teaching about the RX. I hope I can help you fall in love with Mercury too 😉

Knock on wood, but I have no issues during the RX. I have taught and coached hundreds now and I want to help you. Nobody has time for a nervous breakdown during the Mercury Retrograde!

Before I share some energy tips, it is imperitive I let ya know that the #1 thing that is gonna jack you up during a Mercury RX bender is the fear chatter in your head. If you want to kick some fear booty you can Learn more here

Let’s Go…..

Step 1: Get your booty in gear

  • Back up your data
  • Check all systems in your business
  • DO not launch if you do not have to, but if you do prepare before or during the pre-shadow phase because majority of programs will fail within 2 years of a Mercury Rx launch. #truth
  • Solodify travel plans in advance
  • Make all major and technology purchases before the shadow phase.
  • Make an action plan for more self care
  • Identify any blocks or fears you have in your life and business
  • Join Soul Tribe for badass tips to help navigate ya through this time.

Step 2: Pick a RE-Word

Be gentle with yourself and pick a RE-word to focus on. Some examples include, recharge, reinvigorate, renew, restore, revive, redecorate, redefine, reinvent yourself. Have fun with this assignment.

Great reflection questions. What area in your life do you want to improve that you have avoided? What is something from your past that it is time to heal? Who do I need to forgive and it might be yourself? What fear do I need to work on to become UNSTOPPABLE?

Now go ahead and pick a Re word that helps answer your question.

A good rule of thumb to avoid any and all issues during the retrograde is RENEW+ REVIEW+ REANALYZE + REPEAT=formula for success.

Step 3, action plans and implementation:

Renew yourself, renew contracts but review them triple check for minor details, reanalyze and repeat to make sure all is well.

Shit happens such as the unknown things in life. It makes life magical so do not fret if you need to travel, buy a car, computer, cell phone or sign a huge contract and you can not Wait.

Please use the formula renew, review, re-analyze and repeat 3 times minimum to avoid future conflict. I promise it will be all well, but for realz realz triple check. I accept donations LOL.

If you are a control freak kinda person back up yo stuff. Computer, phone and all that jazz, all technology back er’ up.

Then go old school as a true backup and write things down.

The good ole pencil and paper calendar system and means of communication.

The best thing you can do is truly honor and respect yourself. Be gentle with your fellow brothers and sisters as they are experiencing soul shifts too.

May the odds ever be in your favor for this Mercury Retrograde. 

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I wish you all a happy and magical RX season.

Energetically Yours Love,

Maureen Saladino The Energy Goddess


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