Top 3 reasons for a 90 day daily mindset shift

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I know you are interested to see my top 3 tricks of the trade to manifest more money in your life.

First, if you have not started this yet, I highly recommend creating a Daily Spiritual Practice and consistently committing to it is the secret sauce to any spiritual boot camp style training.

Start small then move into a stronger committed practice.

In 90 days, you can transform your life and your bank account.

You are asking,”But, why 90 days, Maureen?”

Top 3 reasons for a 90 day daily mindset shift for your spiritual routine:

1) Executing Money Mastery skills every day for 90 days straight will establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious minds based on the effect of the using mantras and daily practice. It will change you in a very deep way. Metaphysicians and yogis place much emphasis on the repetition of a 90-day practice.

2) The number has scientific significance, too: research has shown that after repeating a new pattern for 90 days, you can change the neural pathways in your brain to create long-lasting change.

3) 90 Days to confirm a new habit. Mastery with Group Collective Consciousness is a powerful healing force to shift your perception.

I know commitment can be scary or hard at times, but I promise you that not only does this work, it changes your soul’s imprint. I would be more than happy to have you in Soul Tribe, my Free FB community where we support each other daily in efforts to accomplish our goals as a collective group. Manifesting in groups is powerful. When we gather with one set goal, magic and miracles show up. I will see you in the tribe & Happy Manifesting!

Maureen Master Energy Healer & Coach

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