Why I am not a #nastywoman….its not what you think?

I know this whole planet is feeling some way about everything that is going on lately. This past election has stirred up so many emotions and I am starting to think have I just lost my mind and fallen off my unicorn. I must have a contusion on my brain, beliefs and thinking.

PSA: by any means this is not a political post just an observation from my expert opinion as a Master Energy Healer.

What had happened was: {enter my dream land world}

It was a beautiful day in light worker land, you know the place where you follow your glitter trails (a saying from one of my clients, Lisa), hug trees, follow rainbows, play with fairies, gather in sister circles and create magic and miracles. A place where everything is love, peace and harmonious.

Sounds surreal, right?!?

It truly is a utopia of a place that you create in your head but secretly wish society knew that everyone can live in this place. This is the place I like to go to gather information and leave my ego behind so I can be in source energy and wisdom light.

I have been traveling here often to escape this #nastywoman campaign and all the other hateful things that have spewed from others mouths. The world seems to be in a low vibration energy field filled with fear. Not a place I like to be in.

On this day, when the sun was beaming love and energy, it felt like a warm shower of pixie dust was being poured over my body. This is a great day to take a unicorn ride, I thought.

I carefree take Sebastian; he is my Clydesdale unicorn which is very rare but just like me, he is a little different even for a #unicorn. Together we try and solve world problems, as we both know what it is like to be judged, ridiculed and shamed just for being different. And off we go……..

The wind lightly blows as the gentle vibrations of my face feel like its tickling me, as my long hair is blowing in the wind, the sense of freedom overwhelms my spirit. In the near distance, I see my guardian Angel. I ask Sebastian to slow his gallop so I can hear this message. Sebastian always knows how to find the wisdom within on our adventures, I love him!

I hear the whisper, “Maureen are you being rational or irrational?” Maureen, “no one wants to hear about this, just keep on shining your light and spreading positive energy to the world because we need it.”

I think long and hard about this advice. After all, we all have free will and a choice to listen to the whispers or ignore them. Sebastian always tries to reason with me on the ride home as I ponder which direction to take with this. Sometimes, he runs too fast and I fall off my unicorn.

As I wake up from this mystical land, I feel pain, anger, hurt in my body. I have a super power of feeling universal energies which is a blessing and lately it feels like a curse.

Flash to the woman’s march, the day after POTUS was inaugurated into office. Woman and men from around the globe came together to stand as one and voice their opinions and fight for the rights of so many others. To stick up for everyone like me who was not able to attend.

I truly wanted to go and support my sisters in the woman’s march, but the thought of being surrounded my thousands and thousands of people sent my CPTSD into serious anxiety mode. I did what any person who feels anxiety does, they hibernate and avoid people because they are safe at home.

The woman I am today feels that was the best way I could help out and what I did do was hold energetic space for all who needed healing. This was a huge task to send out consistent energy all day long and the best way I could help out. If you can not be in the game then you can cheer from the distance.

First, it might be important to know my story before the claws of some feminists are waiting to lash out so keep sharpening the claws because you might want to know about what is going on energy wise, and from the standpoint of a woman who has been a victim of sexual trauma.

I have been advocating and uplifting the planet about sexual trauma, abuse, molestation, mental and physical abuse and the list goes on for women who have been hurt and have never felt strong enough to speak up or tell anyone. I always knew statistics were only based on the number of women who actually report it, these stats are alarming and can you imagine if we had the real statistics.

Read More Statistics: Victims of Sexual Violence here at RAINN.org

If you want to read the complete story of my journey from victim land into Thriving well you can take a look here. In a nutshell, I was molested at 3 years old by a family member, in college I was raped by a man in the military and at 29, I was raped again in my sleep.

It was not until the last rape, I decided to take a stand for myself and my body. I said, “I No longer will I be a victim and not stick up for myself.” I went to the hospital which in turn your body is now a crime scene, and you get re-victimized as they scope every follicle of your body. Then you have the fun experience of talking to the police for hours and hours. Law & Order SVU skips allot of these details for appropriate reasons.

All in all you wonder if you have a STD?Am I pregnant? What are others going to think? Holy hell what kinda meds did they give me to kill the STD’s?

Your mind becomes a trap for all sorts of things while one side of you is thinking is this real. You think damn this is worst than not telling anyone because old wounds come crashing into your world. This is just the beginning of the healing journey.

I created this step by step framework to help you.


5 Phases to Reclaim Your Goddess Feminine Energy:

Which brings me full circle to the point. I am not supporting the#nastywoman viral movement and here is why? I do not think it is a high vibration feeling or emotion so I created this:

Follow the energy Road and A.L.I.G.N. yourself from fear to freedom: 

  1. Awareness Phase: Do you like what is going on in the universe? Now that you are aware you can follow the energy road to claim back your power.
  2. Learn Phase: What is the definition of the word Nasty? Nasty means this according to Webster’s Dictionary: disgustingly filthy.

In a google search:

synonyms: 1. highly unpleasant, especially to the senses; physically nauseating. Other meanings:

unpleasant, disagreeable, disgusting, distasteful, awful, dreadful, horrible, terrible, vile, foul, abominable, frightful, loathsome, revolting, repulsive, odious, sickening, nauseating, repellent, repugnant, horrendous, appalling, atrocious, offensive, objectionable, obnoxious, unsavory, unappetizing, off-putting; More

 2. (of a person or animal) behaving in an unpleasant or spiteful way.

Seriously!!! Do any of these terms seem appropriate for us to use when we describe women. It seems to be the words to talk about someone who victimizes other’s right. Something a bully would say. Am I wrong to think like this. I know I am totally irrational now. That fall off my unicorn hurt. 

Trust me I get it, for one second, the #nastywoman movement seemed to oppose the perpetrator that started this in the first place, and I was all about watching Ashley Judd’s veins pop out, exclaiming her rights of speech quoting she was a #nastywoman followed by the reasons why she is nasty, including reading a poem. I was right there nodding my head saying YES, I am not going to lie.

Then something inside of me felt off. As a Healer and coach, I decided to give it another watch and look at this movement and speech from an energy standpoint, completely non judgmental from a new lens and not thinking like a victim. This is what I would tell my clients to do.

As the scientist observing, I watched it again and all of a sudden I saw the AHA and the real darkness and misogyny behind this movement.

There is no fucking way that this is positive. I literally feel personally hurt that young women, women in general and anyone else claiming to be a #nastywoman think that this is a good thing at all. What are we teaching our children? How will they look in the mirror. I can imagine it now, little girl looks in the mirror and says I am a nasty woman because I am strong, I have a voice etc……

Hell no that is not how this works y’all.

2. Learn Phase part 2:  Nasty is a low level energy frequency. This is the same energy level that victims feel. Low vibrations attract more lower vibrations.

3. Implementation Phase: WOW in one quick viral attack we have gone from empowering woman to speak powerful about themselves to a full blown hate on hate communication about each other. How are you going to change this? How are you going to speak to another woman and share that she should love herself and care about this?

Also if you have just shared your story for the first time with the world, well my sister a Pandora’s box has been opened now. Implementation is to heal these wounds with a trained professional. Take your power back once and for all. No longer do you have to be silent, especially when you felt called to finally share your story like putting salt on a wound. The band aid has been ripped off and it is time to heal these wounds that have stayed dormant inside of you. Just a thought to think about, and it has helped me so much and can help you too, only if you want to get help.

4. Game Plan Phase: Decide what you want to do now that you are aware of this lower vibration frequency that is keeping us stuck. Brainstorm with your sister friends, your colleagues and family and come up with some tangible plans to stick to. The time is now to share your beautiful, authentic and classy voice.

5. Now Phase- Create the action plan that you need to do right now. Not tomorrow or the next day, what can you do right now to get into action and out of reaction mode?

I will not stand for the #nastywoman movement because I Maureen Saladino, am I strong, intelligent, empowering, brave, courageous, inspiring, authentic, trusting, loyal, spunky, fun, athletic, zen like, patient, nurturing, encouraging, Powerful woman.

I look in the mirror with my Super Woman pose and I state positive things about myself not low energy words. I love myself, deeply and completely and it took me a long time to integrate this into my routine and now I BELIEVE IT!

More importantly, I BELIEVE it for you too. Look at the difference in energy from my pic to the picture on the right.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, as it almost took me into a PTSD tailspin, but I thought long and hard about posting this and this might help another on the journey and to me that is priceless despite having some haters show up if they do.

If you need any help understanding your unique energy DNA and you want to follow the energy road, great news!!! If you want to take your power back and truly step into the divine goddess that you are then let’s hook up and set up a sister chat!!

I have opened up 1:1 coaching sessions again. It has been over 2 years since I worked individually with clients and the time is now. Join me so you can follow your energy road and embrace these times knowing all about your UNSTOPPABLE Goddess Prowess!!

I triple dog dare you to set up an appointment!! Book Your free strategy session today! In 30 minutes we will unlock your energy blocks and set your soul free. What do you have to lose?

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Love, Light and Angel Blessings,

Maureen Master Energy Healer and Coach

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2 comments on “Why I am not a #nastywoman….its not what you think?
  1. This is so well said and so well thought out Maureen. Thank you! Thank you for being a voice of positivity and yet at the same time, sharing a bit of a wake-up-call to the “movement.” When the women’s march happened, I posted the live stream to my page because the parts that were actually on when I watched it felt very empowering and positive. But then I had several women comment about how those women speaking at the march did not represent them and that it seemed vulgar, so I watched more of the march, and reluctantly realized that I felt similarly about some of the speakers, even though I wanted it so badly to be something uplifting and uniting. So that sort of opened my eyes to the side of it I wasn’t seeing, although I do think the original intent was to empower and unite. Anyway, in regards to the whole Nasty Women trend, I understand the original intent, to kind of twist Trumps words back on himself, but I agree with you that the term really doesn’t conjure up very positive feelings, at least not for me. It never resonated with me. What does resonate with me, is the way you framed empowerment and your 5 Phases to Reclaim Your Goddess Feminine Energy. So good!!! Thanks for your shining light!

  2. dave says:

    Not at all nasty or pajorative rather a superlative example of the theological virtues faith hope and charity to say the least being both new to your brood and just another” right wing tea party type extreemist allegadly or vatuperated by fake news assumptions misfeasence repressed and,impotent in addition to Islamaphobic ‘ well one of the aforementiond is sustained my disdain and justafiable redress upon any theococractic aggressive supremist whom self actualization and spritual oblagations are to chop off heads enslave exthort murder and multalte womens sacred and God given majestic princapalites virtue and alter from which real men look up in devotion adoration and respectful gratutitous appreacation ,lucky bastards,from bended knees stated differently if a man will on enjoy being on his knees in peace y’all can bet your sweat asses he can not or will not die on his feet in battle to protect no nasty deplorable nor any duplicatious branding should ware if to my maldorous ADHD limmited mind if you have anything on but a smile in summation without testamony other than heresay evidenxe this practice of orgasmic meditation and tantric sky diving alchemy unimpeachable as are you time to strip the defence motions for dismissaie for lack of standing well one thing stands firm pun or metaphor INTENDED

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