Exclusive Energy Report Nov through Dec


This is a channeled message from now until the end of the year. This was written last week in my Free FB group called Soul Tribe. Now you can really see the importance of this after the election results today and more than likely will need to do another energy forecast because the energy frequency is definately shifting into a unicron bday

If you have noticed everything is or has come full circle now in your life. Think back to 2008, that was a 1 year in numerology. The beginning, aka when shit hit the fan for many peeps. There is a reason for that. Stock market and real estate crash hmmmmm ironic I do not think so. The election and all that jazz, it is intense besides our own healing.

Also, during this time, it was the brink of the true Aquarian age. 2008, in a nutshell, was the beginning of your awakening,

Think back on your own personal story for a hot minute and reflect!

Deep shit right?

Something happened in 2008, and something within in YOU said, “no more,” which took you on the projectury motion that is called your SOUL’S PURPOSE, and as a result life has shown you to this present moment.

The ups and downs, broken relationships, loss of income, just plain out rock bottom times. Nothing is pretty about this, however your perception is sexy and this is all the EGO trying to grip claws in ya to say, ” Bitch, I need you, do not go this route. I can not live in the light.”

The here and now, kinda miraculous right? (If you are not there and thinking, “Maureen really how much more do I have to take?” I am here to say, “do whatever it fkn takes to make this better!” )

Giving up now will only lead you do deeper disappointment.

I want you to truly think about this and how it is playing in your life at this moment.

If you think there is no reason, oh beautiful soul there is a reason. Trust and believe sisters and brothers. If you want to give up, WAIT!

Do not give up 1 min before the miracle shows up, no matter how difficult the hardship is. This is all designed for a reason.


I know you are here in Soul Tribe because you said YES to your healing and personal development.

Deeper stuff: When you made your soul contract, you signed up for this, so stop blaming others and look within once and for all. #sorrynotsorry

Trust me it is hard, scary and lonely but you can do this. The only difference between you and I, is that I said yes to stepping into the light.

I was called to be your teacher and guide. I had to rise to the calling even though, I would much rather be introverted and alone. Playing small was comfy. Something shifted me this year bc I stepped WAY outside the comfy zone.

I made this group to hold space for others to heal deep wounds without judgements. I made this group, so I didn’t feel alone anymore. I was so tired of other groups not really caring for their tribe, always selling shit and most importantly never having your questions answered full heartedly. I am 100% committed and as a result of your love, guess what??

I want to give even more bc that is how the true ebb and flow of the universe works.

Things that your mind might be thinking about:

“That is not my purpose,what am I here for?” says the ego,

I want to debunk that bc my light keeps on channeling these messages and I know it is TRUTH.

My ego keeps playing tricks on me too, and my anxiety is the worst it has ever been but I keep going. WHY bc I am no longer a victim and neither are you!

9 years ago, I was a very differ woman. Now I know my purpose is to heal, give hope, inspiration and real life shit no1 talks about and shift the vibration of this planet. ( I had and still heal me on a daily basis and the next level is a new devil but I am not going to let that stop me!)

Honestly, you would not be here if you did not also feel this deep calling within, seriously this is huge. I also want to run, but as that last energy report I channeled, simply we can not run and hide anymore. So what are we going to do?


Getting back to the numbers, now we are at the end of the cycle of 9 years. I know it might seem strange, but in ancient times cycles were in 9 or 1-10 so since 9 was the last single digit, to them 9 was the complete cycle to heal and grow.

Our understanding on this plane seemed to jive with this pattern way before we were born. It makes sense and more importantly our souls remember this teaching. It is the reason why it is affecting us so much right now.

The simple truth: We are at the end of a cycle. And I want to inspire you to show the eff up bc just as the universe has thrown us some curve balls, we are about to deal with the ULTIMATE pitch, (softball/baseball jargon) the last of the test of this 9 year end in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. Seriously is that even fair universe?

You might be thinking, “oh no not the retrograde again, ugh.” I did all this work and now I have to deal with my fam and wonky communication and again!


One thing I learned is from all this and why my anxiety and CPTSD is showing up deeper than I ever could have imagined now.

It is because this is my soul’s purpose and when you say YES there is no more running. They say this is a quantum shift or a quantum leap.

And seriously some days I want to crawl under a rock.

Now, I have to train and it is not for the Olympics, which seemed easier when I was younger. Actually way easier than spiritual training. I am committed to my spiritual training for my soul’s purpose. ‘

Who is with me???

Share your story below, I want to support your transition of 9 to the sky!

Energetically Yours,
Maureen Saladino

Also, I am doing a Shift Your Energy Challenge it starts next Monday. Check out the deets here if you would like to spend 5 days working with me for FREE to shift your energy vibration. No one has time to not be in peak energy alignment.

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