The Missing Link to Manifest Your Desires: Manifesting, Masturbation, & Magical Orgasms

“Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me.”  Salt-N-Pepa

If you read the article published in Over the Moon Magazine, then you remember how I manifested my dream job. Going on 8 months working without a BOSS. I am constantly creating my reality. I had no significant nest egg aka the 20k nest that I wanted, but I knew I could do this!

The reason I am sustainable now is because I learned the secrets to manifest your desires into reality. I can manifest the shit out of some fkn abundance. I have manifested many amazing opportunities but to stay on task and not go squirrel brained. Back on track. hehehe…..

Now let’s go to Manifesting Church for a moment.

There is no overnight success. This process took about 10 years to master. I went to school to be a Master Energy Healer and Coach because one day my passion was to teach my secrets and transform others’ lives. Up until now I only taught this to exact formula to my 1:1 VIP clients. After testing this out it took 1-3 years for my clients to make 6 figures. Conclusion after 3 years of data this sh&t works. I also am very selective who I work 1:1 with and these were highly motivated Bad A$$ Lady Bosses. These women were ready to make massive impact in their life, it was not easy it was worth it.


One day in meditation, Spirit/source energy spoke through me and said, “Maureen, you need to teach this to the masses. You cannot just share this with clients that pay allot of money, the world needs this. If you help the world manifest more, the ebb and flow of the universe shifts.”

Have your ever said No to the Universe. Trust and Believe this is not a good idea. I have denied my calling before and the lesson I learned was intense. I got into Action because co-creating with the universe is much better. This is how the Manifest More Money Challenge was born.

Share this post if you like the information you are receiving. We are about to get into the juicy stuff. I promise 🙂

I know you are thinking, “Maureen, I thought I was going to learn how Orgasms and Manifesting go together.” Patience young Jedi Goddess Warrior Princess.


Foreplay ignites the engines.

Time to get to the HOT Juicy Topic. Using this formula:




Energy is everything. It is one part of this equation. If your energy frequency vibrates at a lack or I need this to happen space instead of a I WANT this, you block your manifesting powers.

Very similar to sex and orgasm.

I WANT AN ORGASM not I NEED AN ORGASM Mentality. Now you are with me. Do you see the difference between want and need.

Let’s face it ladies orgasm is connecting to our divine feminine powers. It is sexy, goddess power moves and how lucky are we that we can achieve multiple orgasms. Perks of being a woman. Sorry Not Sorry Boys.

I am addressing this topic because having an orgasm is great with a partner but allot of women have trouble achieving multiple orgasms or effective orgasms in partnerships because they feel they are not good enough or have experienced trauma.

Masturbation and Manifesting is where it is at ladies. I want you to understand this desire part of the equation.

The first step is the willingness to make a change. If you are not willing to make a change, we simply cannot manifest. This blocks our manifesting mojo. This particular step is similar to asking, however we are going to explore this and take it to the next level.

As a victim of sexual trauma, I never in a million years thought I would talk about sex like this but it is a crucial component of getting results and learning how to manifest like a Lady Boss Goddess that You Are

Are you willing to try to have a divine intimate connection from your Goddess Body/Mind/Spirit to Your Dream Life desires?

When we masturbate and achieve an orgasm our brain releases oxytocin when you climax this is sometimes called a “love hormone.” This same exact feeling is the energy, emotion and passion you want to have to manifest things faster. This literally is the secret sauce. When we are in peak energy alignment we can manifest like a mofo.

Manifesting and Masturbation Challenge:

Ready for the game? Played solo or with a partner.

  1. Decide what you want to manifest. A dream job, more money, unexpected money, 1k, 3k, 5k etc.
  2. Take this a step further and visualize what this looks and feels like. How do you feel having this extra money? The more passion you exuberate the better.
  3. On to the fun part
  4. Take your intention with you into your GODDESS time with self, get sexy with this, Take yourself on a manifesting date. Nice dinner, bubble bath, facial or mud mask, candles and incense. Glass of Champagne, treat yourself right, like the Goddess you are. I totally give you permission to treat yourself well for this ritual.
  5. Now that you are feeling sexy, bring your visualization into your personal Goddess ritual.
  6. The key point is to have this emotion of how you feel once you manifest this into your climax. This might take some practice but you get the point
  7. Allow yourself to let go and completely feel your divine Goddess spirit shine through you and once climax is achieved BOOM you bring that same sensation into reality.
  8. Kick it up a notch and stop yourself before climax. Literally use your powers to rev up and relax, repeat etc…This is not only a Kundalini technique this is also very hard to master because who wants to come close to orgasm and stop. I promise you that your orgasm will feel so much better.
  9. Finish this with Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and maybe kick it up a notch and eat some chocolate, sip a glass of champagne.
  10. Remember this feeling because this is how you want to feel when you are manifesting/

Repeat this process as often as you would like.

I would love to know how you like this assignment and do not forget if you feel you are blocking your manifesting mojo, my next group coaching program starts March 14th, 2017. Only 5 early bird bonuses are available. Cart closes on March 1st. Check it out here.

Energetically Yours,

Love Maureen




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4 comments on “The Missing Link to Manifest Your Desires: Manifesting, Masturbation, & Magical Orgasms
  1. Debbie says:

    Hey now. …wonderful article. …

  2. Sarah says:

    I’ve played a little bit with this practice of orgasmic manifestation before, but not consistently. It makes total sense to me, and I could always use some extra juju in both manifesting abundance and in my sex life. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. dave says:

    What about guys learning this don’t want to embarrass myself especially not you but tantric skydive ring shamanism orgasmic meditation or what my lady friend calls Sedona or sex yoga for enlightenment and admitting to being guilty as charged the goddess you are has enquiring minds worked up

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