How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest More Money

breathe 4 prosperityHow I Started Using the Law of Attraction

In this article, I want to explore the connection between energy and spirit. I am so tired of the FLUFF, I am so tired of people claiming to teach about how to manifest but time and time again there are no tangible results. I am a RESULTS DRIVEN PERSON, do not give me the fluff.

I teach in an anti-fluff style. Aint nobody got time for that!

If you have seen the movie The Secret the main theme is using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream life. The formula used is ask, believe & receive. Seems like a simple equation to apply to your life.

BUT what Fuck, does this really mean?!?

There was something missing. I went on a mission to find out what it is. I am a law of attraction student for life and now a Prosperity Queen. I started to explore these questions because I wanted to expose the secrets to help others live a prosperous life.

How do you manifest? Why do some people manifest things faster than others? What is really the secret of the secrets?

First experiment, started with manifesting a car parking space. I did not want any spot either, I wanted a spot so I could pull in forward without having to back up. Sounds simple right?

I observed that this was harder to accomplish then the ask, believe and receive formula. There was an energy frequency that our mind, and subconscious mind puts messages out to the universe. If for one second you doubt this process BOOM you block your manifesting powers. WHAT. Try it If you do not believe me. If you did not then check your subconscious game.

I remember two particular times that shifted everything for me.  One time at band camp, LOL. I could see the spot I wanted and I doubted it, I stopped trusting the process and the spot was filled with a car meeting me head on. Not a car accident but it stopped my manifesting a parking spot where I need to back up. Darn it, they blocked me pulling forward. I knew I had some serious work to do to become a manifesting master.

Years later,

I was driving to the beach and there was traffic. I shared with my mom help me visualize a parking space closest to the entrance so we can get to the beach easier. Mom was skeptical, but I was clear that this works from said example above, I amped up my skills. I am lucky to have a spiritual momma and she said ok, I will play this game with you Maureen.

I shared that we were in traffic because the universe was aligning our car parking space for us. Sure enough when we got to the beach a spot, right where we said we wanted, pulled out and BAM we got our spot. I got out of the car and dropped to my knees to pray and say Thank You God/Universe. Special trick right there, so many people get what they want and then they forget to say Thank You. The Universe honors gratitude and appreciation.

If you read the article published in Over the Moon Magazine, then you remember how I manifested my dream job. Going on 8 months working without a BOSS. I am constantly creating my reality. I had no significant nest egg aka the 20k nest that I wanted, but I knew I could do this!

The reason I am sustainable is because I learned the secrets to manifest your desires into reality. I can manifest the shit out of some fkn abundance. I have manifested many amazing opportunities but to stay on task and not go squirrel brained. Back on track.

Now let’s go to Manifesting Church for a moment.

There is no overnight success. This process took about 10 years to master. I went to school to be a Master Energy Healer and Coach because one day my passion was to teach my secrets and transform others’ lives. Up until now I only taught this to exact formula to my 1:1 VIP clients. After testing this out it took 1-3 years for my clients to make 6 figures. Conclusion after 3 years of data this sh$t works. I also am very selective who I work 1:1 with and these were highly motivated Bad A$$ Lady Bosses. These women were ready to make massive impact in their life, it was not easy it was worth it because they worked hard and shifted their money mindset.


One day in meditation, Spirit/source energy spoke through me and said, “Maureen, you need to teach this to the masses. You cannot just share this with clients that pay allot of money, the world needs this. If you help the world manifest more, the ebb and flow of the universe shifts.”

Have your ever said No to the Universe. Trust and Believe this is not a good idea. I have denied my calling before and the lesson I learned was intense. I got into Action because co-creating with the universe is much better. This is How the Manifest More Money Challenge was born. We start next Monday and it’s going to be epic. Share this post if you like the information you are receiving.

Happy Manifesting Everyone!!

Energetically Yours,

Love Maureen

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