Let’s take a journey down the yellow brick road together!

I feel you! I understand your pain and struggles because I walk in your shoes. Sparkling Ruby shoes

In one moment you are living life the way you thought was perfect then BAM all of a sudden a storm emerges. This storm seems so surreal and unbelievable that you are now at a low energy place, disbelief and feeling anguish and sadness.

You think, “how did this even happen, I did everything right and now I am not good enough and I failed,”

A rock bottom is reached and a feeling that you can not get up and breathe fresh air. Darkness, frustration and confused, but inside you know that you want to get back to the light and be where you once were. All of a sudden you want magical answers and solutions to know how to return home. But to no avail you slip into deeper depression and pain in your soul. There is a struggle within and you can not seem to find the silver lining. There is a inner conflict the light versus the darkness. You know it because it weighs heavy on you. You truly want to live your souls calling but there is no solution in sight.

I feel you because this was my life. A whirlwind of unimaginable capacity overcomes you and your life becomes unmanageable and it feels your are in a tornado and each time you see the light your are swooped back down into the darker sides. No matter what you do the tornado tracks your energy with up and down emotions and trying to breathe for air, but there is no hope. The more you resist the more it persists.

I feel you because this was my life. Take my hand and let’s walk together.

Do you feel? Deep down inside you want to take a walk on the golden brick road to find your passion and purpose. A desire within to talk to the wizard, oracle or guru that can help you on the path and answer your questions.

.Let this soak in and imagine you are Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ and you take this journey. Not any journey but a journey within. While you are in this tornado and emerge to a new self, bam all of a sudden after the storm you see the yellow brick road. For once there is a glimmer of hope but you are afraid of being found out.. You are powerful and don’t know how to handle all of this energy and wisdom within.

Along this awakening you meet the scarecrow and all he wanted was brains (intuition). Of course you are generous and do not want to walk alone and invite him on the journey so he can also hear the magical answers from the wizard. Next comes the tin man and all he wants is a heart (passion) . Again you invite another onto the journey so he can find his heart. And then you get scared, so scared and meet the Cowardly Lion who is so mean and once you see he is hurt too,all he wants is courage (tenacity) and yet again you invite him onto the journey with you. You do not want to walk alone.

I feel you because I always walked alone, too and I wanted the scarecrow, the tin man and the cowardly lion with me. I wanted anyone who would be there like these 3 people.

Finally, you reach your goal together and meet the wizard, however no clarity is provided! The wisdom is to hurt another person to get WHAT YOU WANT. Kill the wicked Witch of the West. This solution will give you the answers that you desperately seek.

I feel you because this is how I operated, I was desperate to find answers at any cost and I would do anything to have the wisdom externally. ANYTHING.

Divine guidance shines light onto your soul as your intention to kill the wicked witch of the west was juxtaposed to your true self. A higher power stepped in. But what the truth is that wicked witch was YOU. A magical AHA and you observe this was the dark mean side to your truth. The inner Bitch Diva that wants to control everything and tell you that you can not.

Eagerly you walk back to OZ to claim the reward, and get all the answers from the wizard. Finally, feeling better and so confident to hear the truth swoosh the wizard was not real. OMGEE why? WHY? WHY?

I feel you because I had to kill the wicked witch of the West too, I went to HELL to rescue my suicidal self. I was Dorothy. I went on a journey to find my truth and know who I was. I went on a journey to bring myself back. No one gave me the answers that I desperately was searching for. The more I looked outside of myself the farther I got from the truth.

Do want to discover your inner truth? Beautiful soul sister, it is time to shine so let’s click those ruby slippers together and bring you back home.

I am looking for women who want to click their shoes together and come back home. Women who are not scared to step outside of the comfort zone, even if you emerge into an uncomfortable land of OZ. Women who know that they are their own guru within and want deeper clarity to manifest their dream life. Women who use their wisdom and life lessons to catapult them into their truth.

I only work with driven women who have taken the journey within. Women who are ready to walk through the vortex and step into the light and break free from the chains of their past and live their souls purpose. Women who are ready to MOVE MOUNTAINS and explore a new realm. Women who are ready to re-write their life and take it to another level.

I am with you hand in hand on this journey. I know how scary it can be and pride myself on personalized support, love and guidance so you never EVA walk alone when you work with me. I am passionate, determined and fierce and in the same breathe I am your a pocket cheerleader.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.

I know if this is resonating with your soul you are feeling a nudge within to reach out to me. Why wait for tomorrow when you can start living your dream life today. The choice is yours, click your heals and say I AM WORTH it and invest in your personal development. Let’s do this!

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