What is a Spiritual Strategist Anyways?!?

I am Maureen Saladino, Spiritual Strategist and Intuitive Energy Coach and I want to welcome you into my world.

In my element, at a retreat holding space for others and connecting to universal energy.

What is up! I know some of you might be thinking, “What the H E Double Hockey sticks is a Spiritual Strategist?” Sounds pretty cool right?!?

On the surface, ya know that “WOO WOO” New Age stuff, buzz word-life coaching thing, chant some mantras and affirmations, ashram loving, Namaste saying ya know that kind. The let me help your find your soul’s purpose, life is rainbows and butterflies kinda thing. Watch Video if this is what you think I do.

Oh my friend there is so much more.

You may think my company does Woo New Age Spiritual Coaching.  What you might not know is I do nothing like you have ever seen or experienced before. Let me explain a little more…….

In true Alchemist style, I was naturally born with ancient wisdom and I infuse both spiritual lifestyle techniques with modern mindful principles. I like to say it is taking both the light and the darkness, the moon and the sun, yin/yang, the core of the universe up to the cosmos with the infinite life force alchemizing them all together.

I might have lost a few people in that one, it is ok, think of it as tangible meets intangible. I am being vague as I am very clear you either get it or not and I will never ask you to get it, but I do know you are curious?

There is this curiosity to read more because deep down you know you have a hidden gift and you are scared to expose your big dark secrets. You more than likely are thinking how does she know?


You might be thinking, “But, wait Maureen, I want to know my super powers too?”

Let’s debunk something right here: We all have amazing gifts, we are all unique and have super powers that belong to only one person and it make YOU, who you ARE. It really is that simple.

I attract many people that are in the “Spiritual Closet.” There is a no judgement zone here as I am one part Angelic communicator and one part bad to the bones spiritual gangster rebel. #truth did you see BSC #day1 Yup I am a gemini and my story made me to be the woman I am today 🙂

I will define a spiritual strategist and you can decide if you want some of this high energy, crystals in her bra, sage clearing, energy activation healer gypsy to help you on your journey.

I love you either way. I really do!

A Spiritual Strategist is innovation and creation.

She gives birth to your internal truths and desires. She shines light on your darkest fears that hold you back. She supports you in ways you could only dream of being as a person and accomplishing. She is a Master Manifester, Angelic Whisperer and Energy Transmitter.

Blessed with innate abilities and intuition. She is a beautiful goddess of love, light and energy. Radiant and confident she is electric and vibrates loving frequency into the world. She is here to teach and share with the universe all she knows. Her empathy and capability to heal is divine.

She is fierce, radiant, electric and confident!

She lives in spirit and teaches through a higher power. Connected intuitively through the universe and angelic realms.

I am Maureen Saladino and I am a Spiritual Strategist & Intuitive Energy Coach

My soul’s purpose is to guide, motivate, inspire and hold space for you and your personal growth. Here is an energy activation meditation if you are curious. High energy zone.

I help eclectic, strong, bold women of all shapes and varieties including celebrities, destination retreat goddesses, women entrepreneurs, coaches and healers. I help them structure their life to be healthier and holistically spirited while also incorporating the realistic dimension of life; organizing their business, finances, love, family and personal lifestyle to fit them while being organically whole and confidently living their true purpose. This is the yin/yang duality mentioned above, I do not believe in balance; I think we need to find harmony within, a peace within knowing we are human and it is an illusion and DB/Ego based thinking.

This is where I come in as your personal pocket spiritual cheerleader.

Are YOU a badass lady boss that wears crystals in her bra and you get it but you are looking for something deeper and desperately want to avoid burnout as you up level your growing legacy?

You often think,”I need something but I do not know what, I know I do not need another business or branding coach and I do not need a life coach.”

Plain and simple you you need ME.


Say, “WHAT WHAT, Fist Pump, Incantation time!!”   If you can not feel the pixels radiating from the screen but whew nothing fires me up more than firing up your souls desire. At times, I really think I get more excited then you do and that in turn relays a ripple effect into the universe bouncing back and forth it’s just pure energetic LOVE:)

Did I mention that this is totally fun too!

My proven methods cask light onto your darkest fears. As a busy woman you will never have to walk alone. Being spiritual and a woman can get lonely, not anymore.

If you: Have Anxiety, call me. Fear creeps in, call me. Not sure what is going on in the planet’s, call me. Energy is low or blocked, call me. Not sure what crystals to buy, call me. Need an intuitive nudge call me. You are hosting a retreat and you need someone to take care of your energy so you can be in high energy vibration 24/7, call me.

I take my gifts and super powers very seriously and apart of my calling is to be very hands on and kinda like Superman but in my case Superwoman and I am just there at the right time, at the right moment. Trust and believe the Angels talk to me all the time and you will randomly get a text at the exact moment you need an energy alignment.

From our first initial intake, I hand craft a custom program fit to your needs to propel you to a life vision you want, dream and desire. See there is no cookie cutter 1-3 month coaching package, you are unique and so should your coaching experience with me. I am different and I attract the right people that know that this is the next right action step. Y’all know there is no get rich quick scheme, you are in it to win it and are ready to take your soul to the next level of consciousness.

My favorite quote is  “stupid fear shit gets in the way and its time to kick its ASS.”~Me


I use the law of attraction combined with my energy to propel your journey to new dimensions. I have the energetic ability to help you define your purpose in life. I provide a safe place while holding space for you to explore your soul’s deeper desire’s.

I help IGNITE your own internal truth. Your authentic self!

I give birth to your ideas, true desires, passions and purpose.

Let’s take the next step together.  Within each of us lies our internal olympic torch awaiting a new beginning.

Let’s light your fire! Soo pumped to share this experience with you.

breathe in love

Meditation, Centering & Grounding at a Spiritual Retreat.

Let’s dig  deep and explore your truth reinventing your soul’s purpose through an energetic motivational coaching technique. An overall mind, body and spiritual shift is awaiting for you.

I am honored to be your guide let’s take the ride.

Dare to take your life from blah to BLAZING!

Love, light and energy…



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