One moment that changed my life and business

Do you want to have a lifestyle where you could do anything you want, whenever you wanted and not never have to worry about money ever again?? Do you have a burning desire inside to start living your soul’s purpose? Do you want to be your own boss?

I feel you!! I hear you! I see you!

My catalyst moment in business happened because these thoughts, feelings and emotions persisted everyday. Maybe you can relate too?

I dreamed of firing my boss, everyday. I hated going to work, I started to feel anxiety, depression, lethargy, anger, irritable, and it was because apart of the soul felt like it was literally dying. I was a bitter woman, and I was tired of working for someone else’s dream. I was working my bunz off hustling the side job but not gaining enough traction or paying clients to leave.

Can I get an amen!

Phew, glad I am not alone here. In my head, “How do I get there?”

I need to do something stat because I can not live like this.

I needed a plan to break free from this safety net (my job) and make my side hustle a reality, it went something like this: If I have this___________ then I will be able to do this___________.

The “story” that I created in my mind went something like this, if I have 20K in the bank account then and only then, I can finally leave my job and be a full time entrepreneur. Yup that was my golden ticket to freedom. Oh how we create stories in our head and 20 k was the magical number for freedom. Mind you that I did understand that my job was my investor but my soul and my mind were not in alignment on this situation. I best describe it as soul suicide.

This thinking right here is fear based and limited in scope and reality. I thought that I had a plan above God and higher powers. {Oh Silly Human}

Let me share my story of how the universe had a plan way bigger than the scope of my limited belief thinking mindset had imagined.

I became one of those people that always talked about how much they hated their job. I hate to admit it but it was true. Bless my friends and family that had to witness this behavior.

Can you believe this? I became the Negative Nancy and the problem was that I was slowly dying each and every time I put my uniform on to go to work. I can say it was not the industry but it was ME that was shifting, I just could not humanly do it. But I NEEDED that safety blanket to think that I was “Good Enough” to be a full time entrepreneur. I was not 100% ready yet.

Here is some serious Manifesting Powers here y’all. Are you ready for this?

I manifested my happy ass right out of that job. My thoughts created the reality and BAM I walk into work on October 15, 2015 and my boss informs me that the restaurant was closing.

In my head, this is what was supposed to go down in this moment: the over the top of the moon Cue the Happy Dance, Fist Pump, Jump up for Joy celebration partay.

But, then my Ego kicked in, and it kicked in faster than I could breathe in the news that I was out of a job. Instead of the happy dance, FEAR swiped my joy from under me and I got sad, overwhelmed with emotions and feelings.

I was scared. I felt alone and I no longer had my investor to support me. The thoughts of I am not good enough, who am I to think I can be a full time entrepreneur, you do not have enough money saved up flooded my mindset like a tidal wave crashing into the reefs. Holy **** I do not have 20k ready to take this leap.

Now, I had a choice. Find another job or BELIEVE IN MYSELF. Or take this as a sign that the universe had a way better plan than I did. Being WOO I had to feed the fuel of my hearts desire.

You know what I chose, right! I am an alchemist, ruler, lover with a gemini sun and pisces moon. A true rebel and spiritual gangsta.

I chose to leap off the cliff without a safety net.

I chose to go balls to the effn wall and try it. I thought what is the worst thing that can happen? I have to find a job if it does not work out. I have some savings.

If not now then when would I be strong enough to pursue my dreams. When would it be the right time? I chose to BELIEVE in ME for the first time in my life so strongly that it was undeniable that the choice I was making was not the smartest, it def is not the plan of action for everyone but it was what felt yummy and delicious in my soul.

On the real this has been the scariest, hardest and most intense learning experience of my life to date. I have been through some stuff aka BSC Day 1. But I would not trade it in for anything in the world. No one ever said it was easy but it is worth it.

Some inspiration to spark fuel to your innermost desires!

Invest in the right coaches/mentors and guides along the way. Even if you can not afford the big players in the industry watch what they do and invest in a program, training or a coach starting out to help you to the next level. I remember saving up to work with coaches when I started. I would make 100 payments until I could pay in full. Surround yourself with positive like minded peeps is key. I lost allot of friends this past 6 months and found out who my true tribe of peeps are. Trust me you will need your ROCK support team going full time.

Do the inner work and rewire your mind for success. Do the work in general. Be the person that starts a program and finishes it. How we do one thing is how we do everything so be a Badass Rockstar doing you authentically flying your spirit flag.

Closing words,

INVEST IN YOU! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Believe you are worth it, your business is worth it and the world needs you beautiful. Where your FOCUS goes your ENERGY goes.

With all my love,

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