Welcome BeYOUtiful Soul!

It’s time to ignite to your soul’s purpose and live a kick-ass life

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Welcome to my world. I am so happy you felt attracted to the high vibration zone. It is nice to meet you! I am Maureen Saladino your pocket cheerleader, guide and Spiritual Strategist. My passion is to help you find yours! My soul’s purpose is to help women find a safe space to “come out” of the spiritual closet, overcome adversities,  find forgiveness, heal themselves and live the life they were meant to live.
By not following your passion & being seen and heard as a woman spiritual entrepreneur, what is it really costing you?
It’s easy to stick with what’s familiar, especially when these thoughts persist…
♥What is my soul’s purpose?
♥How do execute on that purpose?
♥Where do I even begin?
♥I do not know my niche?
♥What if I fail?
♥ Do I really have what it takes to get more from this life?

This is where I, Maureen Saladino, Spiritual  Strategist & Intuitive Energy Coach, come in.
make a wishI work with female entrepreneurs and coaches who feel imprisoned in a life because deep down YOU feel and know your guided by a higher power but might not be sure where to start. 
I feel ya because when I began, I also found myself alone and chasing the shiny objects. I was looking for the right guides or mentors while enrolling in programs or hiring expensive coaches that said 90 days to 90 k. The problem with this model will only leads to disappointment. Analysis by paralysis with no action plan to move ahead fearlessly.
If you are anything like me, the issue was that my soul was not aligned to my purpose. I felt like I was being pulled in two different directions. My body/heart and mind wanted it, however I did not have a guide to teach me how.
I know you have a deep desire to embrace a purpose that will ignite and excite your soul . I am a pocket cheerleader and I have your back every step of the way. You never have to walk ALONE again! 
Somewhere over the North Pacific and just have to give a major shout out to my spiritual strategist, Maureen Saladino who got on the phone with me at 3:45 am (her time) to coach me through a walking meditation as I bustled through Narita airport in Tokyo to catch my flight……Maureen helped me get centered and raise my vibration before another very long flight and I am so grateful for her dedication and loyalty to me!  Cara Alwill Leybe The Champagne Diet purchase Girl Code here

Divine Guidance for the Soul
You will quickly learn to walk in your own shoes and create your own destiny. You will inspire yourself without needing validation from anyone and experience a miraculous shift that enables you to live a life with passion and purpose!
 What I value:
My most important value’s are Appreciation, Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty & Loyalty.  I believe in showing up, being who you are and walking your talk.  My motto
“Keep it Simple Spirituality. Let your light shine free.”
My Coaching Process:
I will connect to you energetically. As such, my process involves my ability to speak with my spirit guides & Angels while tapping into your passion and desires. It fires me up when I see someone have a breakthrough to what they thought was impossible. I move fast and it will be intense because I am high energy and hands on. It is this momentum that gets to the heart of what is holding you back.  I don’t mess around because frankly, I don’t believe in co-dependence.
Healing on a soul level is powerful!
“…In only a single one hour session, I have literally transformed my life! I’m in action, feeling alive and filled with joy as I am pursuing the things, from the deepest part of my heart…”~Heather Rippert www.heatherrippert.com
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Let’s bust through the blocks together and ignite your soul on fiya!
Why start living your dream tomorrow when you can start today!
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