Welcome Sexy Goddess!

Ready to Master Your Energy and be the Divine Goddess that you are within! 
I know one thing about you already. You wear crystals in your bra with pride. But, you might not tell anyone about it except your close sister circle. 
You understand the difference between being committed to change opposed to being interested in your change.
Which means you are ready for a massive shift in your energy vibration and you are a Badass Unicorn like me. It is nice to meet ya 😉 
I am so happy you felt attracted to my high vibration zone. I am Maureen or my clients call me the Energy Goddess. My passion is to help you find yours!
My soul’s purpose is to help women find a safe space to “come out” of the spiritual closet, overcome adversities,  find forgiveness, heal themselves and live the life they were meant to live. When you learn how to master your energy, you can master your life!! 
By not following your passion & being seen and heard as a woman spiritual entrepreneur, what is it really costing you?
It’s easy to stick with what’s familiar, especially when these thoughts persist…
♥What is my soul’s purpose?
♥How do I execute on that purpose?
Everyone else is doing it, what makes me think I can do this? 
♥Where do I even begin?
♥I do not know my niche?
♥Maureen, there is no way I can do what I truly want, I need the security of my J.O.B! I want to leave, but I am scared to lose my stable income. Can I really live my dream life? 
♥What if I fail?
♥ Do I really have what it takes to get more from this life?
♥ I have all these certifications but no financial reward for my training and skills.
Do you feel the “I am not good enough” fear constantly plagues your soul and thoughts?
I hear it so often!
Fear creeps in and then our energy plummits and we get stuck in the muck like a lotus flower.

This is where I, Maureen Saladino, The Energy Goddess, comes in.
make a wishI work with female entrepreneurs/speakers/celebrities and coaches who feel imprisoned in life because deep down YOU feel and know your guided by a higher power but might not be sure where to start.
You know that there is a calling in your soul to do more and this block is costing you happiness, health, wealth and you energetically feel funky. That sucks!
I feel ya because when I began, I also found myself alone and chasing the shiny objects. I was looking for the right guides or mentors while enrolling in programs, adding certificates behind my name, signing up for every free training out there. I even  hired an expensive coach, that said 90 days to 90k, sign me up for that, right?!?
Then, I found out it was all a sexy marketing scheme. I know ya feel me on this one. This spiritual gangsta does not play that game.
The problem with this model is that this blueprint only leads to disappointment because core energy blocks are not addressed because we are all unique so a great blueprint for one soul might not work for a unicorn soul.
Then, analysis by paralysis sinks in, your inner Diva B*tch chatters in your head and you are left alone, spinning your wheels, with no action plan to move ahead fearlessly.
Nothing feels worst than that, and I have felt it myself.  I pride myself on changing the old paradign of coaching because it just does not work.
If you are anything like me, the issue was that my soul was not aligned to my purpose. I felt like I was being pulled in two different directions. My body/heart and mind wanted it, however I did not have a guide to teach me how.
As the universe works miracles when you ask for help and guidance, I found the right guides/coaches/mentors and did the hard inner work and continue to do so, but I want to teach you the secret of the secrets too! And time and time again it comes down to mastering your energy.
I know you have a deep desire to embrace a purpose that will ignite and excite your soul . I am a spiritual energy  pocket cheerleader who has your back every step of the way. You never have to walk ALONE again!
One of my Superpowers is smelling how to make money living your soul’s purpse, among other cool gifts.
Somewhere over the North Pacific and just have to give a major shout out to my spiritual strategist, Maureen Saladino who got on the phone with me at 3:45 am (her time) to coach me through a walking meditation as I bustled through Narita airport in Tokyo to catch my flight……Maureen helped me get centered and raise my vibration before another very long flight and I am so grateful for her dedication and loyalty to me!  Cara Alwill Leybe The Champagne Diet purchase Girl Code here

I am sure you are wondering, what is this energy ladies story or street creds? You really are a soul mate client because this is important information to know. I am gifted AF, my journey is here if you want to know where I have been to get to where I am now. I may or may not be joking about the gifted AF and was just kidding. Or was I, lol.
I do like to laugh and joke around, plus the eff bomb does come out like the spiritual gangsta that I am. I am raw, real and unconventional but this is what get’s client’s results. I admit, I am not for everyone but if you have read this far, there is something inside ya that feels the energetic pull.
Serious time: Spiritual training, certifications and mentorship. The Woo stuff
  • Certified Massage Therapist 1999: Red Mountain School of Massage
  • Trained with both Gabby Bernstein and Doreen Virtue for my spiritual training including certification in Advanced Angel Card Reader, Assertiveness for Earth Angels Coach, Certified Chakra Energy Healer. I am also attuned in reiki.
  • I am a third generation natural healer, I alchemize ancient wisdom and infuse my coaching, healing and teaching with simple and practical tools.
The Real adult streed creds: The Non Woo Side
  • Certified Corporate trainer for 20 years, working with multi-million dollar steakhouses. Training, implementation, strategy and selling.
  • Leadership Levelopment Grad from the International Honor Society
  • A.S. Business Entrepreneurship and accounting. I could list all my accomplishments but let’s just say I was the president of all honor societies, top in class and I was one of those students. Sad but very true, total type A get ish done kinda chic.
  • Graduate of iPEC, Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching 2014. ICF accredited school. (super important if you want to hire a real coach, jus saying.)
  • Master Energy Leadership Practitioner iPEC advanced studies
  • Qualified: ICF Master Life Coach with over 2,000 coaching hours and counting to date. That is bunch of coaching hours.
As you can see, I truly am an energy alchemist because I have both sides working for my approach and strategy in coaching and healing. Infusing this unique blend of tangible skills, paired with my spiritual gifts allows me to tap deep into your soul. I can see, feel and hear energy blocks within seconds. I will call ya out on your BS. This is my zone of genious for sure and blessed I found it finally.
What coaching is feels like working with me. It is simply, Divine Guidance for the Soul. How does feeling empowered and invigorated sound to you? 
You will quickly learn to walk in your own shoes and create your own destiny. You will inspire yourself without needing validation from anyone and experience a miraculous shift that enables you to live a life with passion and purpose!
 What I value:
My most important value’s are Appreciation, Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty & Loyalty.  I believe in showing up, being who you are and walking your talk.  My motto
“Keep it Simple Spirituality. Let your spiritual flag fly high.”
My Coaching Process:
Plain and Simple: I coach/teach others to get RESULTS. I do not know about you, but I do not have time to feel blah when I want to feel blazing energy.
We will go in deep, we get naked with our truths, bust through energy blocks and as a result create massive happiness and abundance in your life. As much as I will kick you A$$, I will also support you in such a way that unless you do not do the work, you will experience massive results within hours of talking, if not an immediate shift in your energy vibration. #dontbelievemejustwatch I dare you to sign up for a Free energy session if you are skeptical.
Also, if you are looking for an easy road, get rich quick plan or you are just lazy, stop reading now we will not jive at all. I blend a very loving energy combined with a balls to the wall, action oriented, spiritual gangsta like approach to my coaching because this is what works for people that are ready to take their power back once and for all. I am a no nonsense, no fluff, on an occassion drop an F bomb kinda person.
As such, my process involves my ability to speak with my spirit guides & Angels while tapping into your passion and desires. Read the testimonials as they are all unique with my intuitive and energetic capacity to tap into another’s energy frequency.
It fires me up when I see someone have a breakthrough to what they thought was impossible. I move fast and it will be intense because I am high energy and hands on. It is this momentum that gets to the heart of what is holding you back.  I don’t mess around because frankly, I don’t believe in co-dependence relationship’s.
Healing on a soul level is powerful!
“…In only a single one hour session, I have literally transformed my life! I’m in action, feeling alive and filled with joy as I am pursuing the things, from the deepest part of my heart…”~Heather Rippert www.heatherrippert.com
 Click here to see what other clients have stated about Maureen’s miraculous results
Let’s bust through the blocks together and ignite your soul on fiya!
Why start living your dream tomorrow when you can start today!
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 ♥ Do I really have what it takes to get more from this life?
Find out today and book your free session. What do you have to lose? Feeling like you do now, let’s go. I am here to help you master your energy so you can master your life.